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ON THURSDAY JUNE 6, Eat Fit partners across the state will host the 6 th annual Eat Fit Dine Out Day, which helps to support the Eat Fit team of dietitians in educating and empowering our community to live their healthiest, strongest lives possible.

The Eat Fit team works diligently alongside restaurant chefs and owners and within the community to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Eat Fit also supports nutrition education for culinary teaching programs, community cooking classes, development of Eat Fit opportunities in under-served areas, and nutrition-related events in schools, churches, and grocery stores. 

LOCAL ARTIST CATHERINE CAMP took a renewed interest in painting about 15 years ago while recovering and rebuilding herself after a bout with cancer. In 2004, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. At the time, Catherine and her husband had an eight-year-old daughter and twin five-year-old girls. She says, “It was a long, hard eight months that took an emotional toll on me and my family.”