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How time flies when you're having fun! And keeping busy, of course. :)

With the warm weather, there are reminders everywhere to get going, get outside, and get involved! And this month's newsletter is all about just that.

We're creating a Bike to Work Week team, running in the BC Children's Hospital ChildRun, and spreading the word! Plus, we're giving away two 10-hour packages this month, and there are so many ways to win, anyone could come out on top!

Read on!

PS, Don't forget, May 21, Victoria Day, is a stat, which means Buddings is closed. Hope you have a great long weekend!
In this newsletter...

Spread the Buddings Buzz
Buddings is Closed on May 21, 2012
Talia out of the office May 22 + 23
Bike to Buddings - May 28 - June 1
Buddings at the ChildRun - June 3, 2012
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Spread the Buddings Buzz for a chance to win free hours!
If you've been telling your friends and family about your experience at Buddings, thank you! We've been reviewed by a number of families and are thrilled to announce that they are all raves! You can find out what they're saying by finding us on (8 reviews, all top marks!) and And if you'd like to add your thoughts, this is the month to do it! 

From today until the end of June, we're in full-on spread-the-word mode, and you can help us out. With social media and the internet, there are so many ways to communicate, and any method that works for you sounds great to us!
You can "like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, share one of our newsletters, or write a review. For each and every one, you get a chance to win a 10 hour package. Easy! 
Plus, when you refer a friend, they get to try us out with 3 hours free, and if they purchase a package, you get 10% off your next package. Big thanks to Jude, Atusa, and Cynthia for bringing in friends this month!

It turns out that modern families have similar tastes when it comes to water bottles, and lunch boxes, containers, shoes, diaper wipes... You guys have a lot in common. And so do your kids! 

To make it easier on the staff at Buddings, please label everything you bring to Buddings. 

Buddings is closed on Victoria Day - May 19, 2012
A quick reminder to everyone that Buddings is closed on statutory holidays like next week's May 24 long weekend! See you at the beach! 
Talia will be out of the office May 22 + 23, 2012
Just so you know, Buddings' administrator, marketer, primary email responder, and admissions officer will all be out of the office on Tuesday May 22 and Wednesday May 23, returning around noon on Thursday May 24. 
It's not an exodus, Talia is just heading east for a couple of days to see her baby brother (now 27!) graduate with his MASTERS degree from Dalhousie University! 
For the most part, it's business as usual. Since we're getting too busy for Lawrence and Jenny to handle things alone, we're pleased to welcome Nasrin Blancard who will be covering the floor from 10am to 4pm. Nasrin comes to us with more than 3 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator in Vancouver, a recent First Aid certificate, and a fabulous attitude that makes us sure she'll be a good fit for our centre. Jenny will be extending her hours, as well, sticking around for the late shift with Lawrence until 7pm. 

Bike to Buddings with Bike to Work Week, May 28 - June 1

As you may know, Buddings is very bike friendly, and as the weather warms, there are more and more bikers everywhere. This spring marks Vancouver's 5th annual Bike to Work Week challenge, and we want you to be part of our team!
Buddings Daycare is registered with so we'll be logging our trips, stopping by Celebration Stations for prizes and free treats, and maybe even winning bikes! If your workplace is bike-friendly, you can register for free and get your co-workers to join your team, but if you're looking for low-impact involvement, you can join our's. 
Bike to Work Week runs from May 28 to June 1, and for that week, everyone who makes a trip to Buddings by bike gets an entry for a 10-hour package. 
Spot Light


We found out about at the Bellies to Babies Fair this month and were impressed by their selection of eco-friendly products. Afterwards, I went to their site, and was even more impressed by the information, commitment, and resources there. 

Support Buddings for the BC Children's Hospital ChildRun - June 3, 2012
Finally, one more way Buddings is getting active in our community, with opportunities for you to get involved: The BC Children's Hospital 27th annual ChildRun, taking place on Sunday June 3, 2012. 
It's our first time participating with a charity event, first time competing in a race, and well, a whole new ball game. We've signed up a team and we're shooting for a cool $1,000 to put towards research and treatment of childhood cancers. You can support us by either donating cash to our fundraising page, or, if you'd like to join us for the run, you can do that too! 
We're pretty sure Lawrence and Jenny will do us proud, so if you're into running with the pack, they'd love the company. And if you're more of a jogger/mostly walking/can't believe you're signing up for a 5km run, you're the perfect "running" mate for Talia. :)
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