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September, 2018 Newsletter
Our Exclusive New Treatment to Reverse Facial Bone Loss From Aging
We've come up with the 1st treatment that may be able to restore a youthful facial frame
In the last 10 years we've learned that the changes seen with facial aging are caused mostly by the loss of bone and fat that previously filled out the skin from below. It was apparent that facial sagging wasn't due to just loose skin because facelift surgery alone didn't restore the facial contours seen in youth, but instead often gave results that looked tight or "windswept". 
Studies have shown that certai n areas of the facial skeleton undergo resorption with aging more and sooner than  ot hers, especially in the areas of the outer jaw & the chin (which contributes to jowls), the front of the cheeks, below the eyes, and under the nose. These areas lose their volume in a specific and predictable manner with aging. Women usually start to lose bone volume in specific areas of the face by their early 40's, and men in their 50's to 60's. 
Aging changes facial bones young

When I initially learned about the above results I assumed that most of the bone loss occurring above and below the jaw was probably due to the loss of teeth that can occur with aging.

Then I saw a picture of myself from the side, showing that in the 5 years since the first photo was taken, I had clearly lost bone in my outer jaw, even though I still even had my wisdom teeth and hadn't started menopause. The 2nd photo also illustrates how volume loss in your face contributes to sa gging skin under your chin and a concomitant increase in psychological depression.

jawline 2005
jawline 2010

Re plac ing  lost facial volume  from aging with dermal fillers can produce remarkable natural-looking results until significant bone loss has occurred. 

At that point, without bony support under the soft filler layers, the results start to look "doughy" & unnatural, especially with animation. 

A clue to me is that if someone smiles and their cheeks protrude forward farther than their nose, they've lost too much bone to "youthanize" their appearance with dermal fillers alone.
Barry Manilow then and now
Barry Manilow then & now

Obviously the best way to restore a youthful face that's lost a significant amount of bone would be to replace the actual lost bone, but until now, no technology including surgery, has provided an answer to restoring or even halting facial bone loss from aging.
mad scientist

After months of reviewing the most recent research on treatments to grow bone in the case of non-healing fractured bones, Dr. Elliott has developed an exclusive, proprietary protocol that may help to restore facial bone volume.

An as yet unknown number of treatment sessions will be needed to see noticeable facial bone restoration but the results should be cumulative and eventually only require occasional maintenance treatments. The treatments are virtually painless and each will take 30 - 45 minutes depending on the area treated. 

Because this is an entirely new procedure for restoring lost facial skeletal volume, treatment frequency and duration parameters will be adjusted as needed pending outcomes. This is so new we don't even have a webpage for it yet.

Facial bone restoring/maintaining treatments (not too catchy) will be available starting 9/27/18, with an introductory discounted price of $150 for the 1st session or buy a package of 4 treatments & get a 15% discount off the individual price (package price = $128 per treatment). 

Help us create a catchy name for this treatment by emailing your idea to me at dr@skinspirations.com by 9/22/18, and if your suggestion wins, you'll get a $100 Skinspirations gift card, good for any of our services or products.

You Can Make Your Features More Masculine or Feminine Without Surgery 
masculine to feminine face morph
Why use a phone app to morph your face to the way you like it when you can adjust your actual features?
Even if you're the opposite sex, a 30-minute dermal filler treatment can make you look more masculine or feminine, for example, by simply adjusting the proportions or shape of different features. 
Almost all facial features differ in characteristic ways between men who are considered masculine-looking and women who look feminine, and an experienced aesthetic injector can produce a natural-appearing enhancement in about 30 minutes.
Differences Between Masculine vs Feminine Facial Features
Masculine facial profile

Men tend to have flatter cheeks compared to most women who have fuller cheeks that  curve out to the sides more .
Dermal fillers can be placed to provide fuller, higher, more feminine cheeks.
Feminizing male faces


Compared to women, men tend to have wider, square jawlines.  The muscles r esponsible for chewing contribute to the width of the jaw, &  relaxing them with Botox or Dysport can produce a more tapered, femini ne jawline, as seen above. 
Augmenting the jawline with a dermal filler can produce a more masculine look.

Jawline augmentation

Women  tend to have visible skin under the brows and above their eyes,  wh ile men's brows are usually lower, obscuring the brow bone. Men tend t o have a straighter brow line vs. women who tend to have an  arch.

Placing dermal filler under the brows can lift & feminize them.

The Nose
The masculine nose is usually broader and longer t han the average female's nose and women more often have an up turned tip. Men m ore often have a bump on the bridge of their nose and men tend to have larger nostrils than women.

A dermal filler placed in a line from the tip of the nose up to the bridge catches the light & creates the illusion of a thinner nose with smaller nostrils.
The Chin
Men's chins tend to be larger, more protruding & appear squarer, with a straighter, wider bottom. Even when not tapered, women's chins tend to be smaller & narrower.
Dermal fillers can make a chin appear more pointed and feminine.....
or more square and masculine
Masculine square chin
Men tend to have thinner lips, especially on the top.  For either sex, subtle lip enhancement with dermal filler can be flattering.
Male lip augmentation
Fore heads
Men's forehea ds tend to be  higher and wider than  women's,  slope back rather than extending up to the hairline in a vertical line & tend to  have a more pronounced bony ridge along the brow level
To make a masculine forehead appear more feminine, dermal filler can be used to soften the transition between the bony brow ridge and the forehead. Building up the brow ridge with filler will make the forehead appear more masculine
It takes knowledge, experience, and an artistic eye to provide flattering, natural-looking results with customized dermal filler treatments, and we've done more than 9,800 dermal filler treatments alone. If you'd like to talk to us about how we can enhance your appearance, email us or call 727.571.1923 to make an appointment with us to discuss your best treatment options.

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Reminder for Brilliant Distinctions Members - New Rules For Earning Points
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Here is a summary of the Brilliant Distinctions rules on earning points:

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