Greetings! Social distancing is difficult enough, but it's infinitely more difficult for those who are being detained -- whether immigrants who are being held by ICE or poor people kept in jail solely because they can't afford bail. We can't stop the spread of COVID-19 while people continue to live in these conditions. Keep reading to find out about efforts to get people being detained the help they desperately need.

-Kina Thorpe, Educational Program Manager
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April 14, 2020
Action Highlights
Take Action for PPE in VT
Across the country, healthcare workers have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, treating patients and keeping our communities safe and healthy, often at great risk to themselves. Here in Vermont, more than 2,500 unionized healthcare workers are asking for your support. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a vital tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We are experiencing a national shortage of PPE, but unionized healthcare workers have identified ways to increase PPE supply in Vermont.

They are calling on the Governor to act swiftly to protect patients and healthcare workers. Some of their requests to Governor Phil Scott include:

  • Expand State funding for the purchase of PPE.
  • Direct all Vermont businesses who have a supply of PPE to turn over their inventory to the Vermont Emergency Management Office, who will distribute it to local healthcare facilities in need. The State will reimburse them for their inventory at cost.
  • Direct all Vermont business who have manufacturing capabilities to convert or expand their abilities to produce PPE.

You can read the full letter to the Governor by clicking here .

Here’s how you can help: Contact Governor Scott's Office by phone 802-828-3333 and leave a voicemail and/or send an email to his office by email by simply clicking here .

You can use any of the above requests in your message or simply say:

"My name is (insert name). My phone number if (insert phone number). I’m a resident of (insert the name of your town). I’m calling on you to increase Personal Protective Equipment for front line workers in Vermont in order to save lives.” (If you are a healthcare worker, be sure to include that information and where you work).

Together, we can make a difference.
Urgent: Donate to #FreeBlackMamas
Before It's Too Late
Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund (PCBF) heard that guards had an entire unit of women at Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF) write GOODBYE LETTERS to their loved ones. Based on conversations with women trapped in cages now, COVID-19 is spreading much faster than what is being reported. Judges will NOT release anyone who tests positive, instead will “quarantine” them in solitary confinement to die. PCBF may not be able to bail anyone out even a week from now and are getting over 15 new bail requests each day from RCF. This is life or death.

Can you donate now to #FreeBlackMamas? Click here to donate. If you would prefer to donate to the National Bail Out that distributes money to Black Mama Bail Outs around the country, do that by clicking here.
Stop F-35 Flights to Focus on
Fighting the Coronavirus
We call on the Governor to halt the F-35 practice flights and mobilize the full Vermont Guard to stop the spread of COVID19. 

More than a quarter of its 4000 members remain dangerously diverted to maintaining and flying practice sessions of the F-35. We urge HIM to mobilize all 4000 members to defeat the virus. Among the additional things a fully mobilized Vermont Guard can do are:

  1. Coordination, planning, and logistics.
  2. Acquisition, assembly, and delivery of personal protective equipment and ventilators to hospitals and medical offices in all 14 counties.
  3. Oversee delivery of food, supplies, and protective materials to the elderly, those with medical conditions, and those without cars.
  4. Build decent safe housing for the homeless, such as on the 44 acres of now-vacant land where 200 affordable homes were torn down across from the airport because of fighter jet noise.
  5. Continue setting up overflow medical facilities.

Please sign the petition AND/OR call Governor Phil Scott and request that he contact the DOD to have F-35 planes reassigned elsewhere. Include in your request that all F-35s be grounded during the pandemic:  (802) 828-3333 or email him at  VT Gov. email .
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