Get Out The Middle
and Make a Decision!
Hey Sister Girl,

NOTE: This is not for you who have eagerly registered for #C2Unity19. This is for our homegirls on the fence!

Don't you hate it when you are on the fence about something? When you are not sure if you should or shouldn't do something? It's mind boggling to say the least.

Therefore, if you haven't made a decision whether or not you should come to the 3rd annual Sisterhood Call to Unity Conference coming up this Saturday, September 21st, then let me help a sistah out!


Don't miss out on the excitement and expectation of what is about to be BIRTH next in your life.

How does that feel? Did that help? Yes, I am puuushing you out of your comfort zone and out of any indecisiveness you may have.

By faith I am going to increase the food count just for you, because I believe that you are coming once again to be a part of the next BIG thing! Go ahead and register. I will be waiting in the delivery room.

Until then I will be praying yours and I hope you are praying mine.

Tammy D

3 Ways you can show up for #C2Unity19.

1. Grab a ticket for yourself!
2. Sponsor a ticket for another person
3. Forward this email to friends or family, or post on social media about the conference.
Represent Sisterhood!
We all experience those moments in our lives where we feel overwhelmed, burned out, uncertain, and just plain tired.

So, what do we do?

We take a moment to PrayHers!

The In HERS is YOURS challenge is designed to help women get away from being consumed with only their hopes and dreams in exchange for the opportunity to pray for the hopes and dreams of her sisters.

James 5:16 of the Bible reads... pray one for another that YOU maybe healed.

Prayer for others is seed that you sow back into your own life. It's a WIN-WIN!

Order your copy today, and take the challenge with your Sisters!
Belong to a Sisterhood? A tribe? Then why not represent the "hood" and order a PrayHers tee? Let your girls know that you will always and forever...Pray Hers!