Get off to a good start in 2017.
As we approach the New Year, it seems important to remember that each new day, each new year builds one on another as we learn from our struggles and successes. As we look to new beginnings, it's important to:
  • Reflect on the "good" and "bad" of the past year. Understand why they were "good" or "bad" and choose what we want to be new and different.
  • Remember what is in your control and what is not in your control. We can only impact what we can control.
  • Choose health - Body, mind, spirit.
  • Pay attention to your spiritual life. Live life knowing that you are not alone. 
  • Embrace the wilderness. There are endings and beginnings in our lives. In between, there is wilderness. It is in the wilderness where we grow and learn- where  we adjust from what was and get ready for what will be. 
The Secret to Talking to Teens.
Kolby Nance, LCS, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Kolby Nance
LCS Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

 As a parent or mentor, you have something that teens desperately want:  your heart, attention and blessing. You have more experience and more right answers than they do - but those won't amount to a hill of beans unless there is trust and a meaningful connection between the two of you.
Parents often have great answers, but we ask really poor questions. You don't need to know exactly what to say or even have the perfect answer. It is your willingness to take the risk, to ask questions and then listen that fosters great conversations and connections.

Key themes and tips that will help generate better conversations with teens:

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Did you know?
  • 18% of U.S. adults suffer anxiety; 4% are classified severe.
  • 24% of U.S. teens have an anxiety disorder.
  • 12% of U.S. teens suffer at least one major depressive episode. 
  • Only 37% receive treatment. *
Check February 17 for our Anxiety in Children webinar.
*Statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health.ntal Health
LCS in the Community
  • January 20,21: Dr. Armstrong  will be in St. Louis serving on LCMS Special Pastoral Ministry Advisory Committee.
  • January 27: Parenting for the Future, Not the Present,  part of a webinar series hosted by Megan Miessler DCE, LCSW.   Visit
  • January 30-February 1: Dr.  Armstrong will participate & consult for the Southern District Pastors' Conference.
  • February 10-11: Healthy Congregations' Retreat for Congregational Leaders led by Dr. Armstrong.
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