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School Services of Montana
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Co-op Food Purchasing Program
Friday, November 15, 2019
It has been a crazy 2 weeks in my office. OK, let's be real. It has been a crazy school year. Normally you've heard from me at least a couple of times by now with updates and info about the next order window. This is the first memo. Let's just say I've been a wee bit busy. *wink*

As most of you know, my office is currently without a Food Program Bid manager, and I have picked up all of those responsibilities since August. My executive director, Tom Franta, helped me process the bid submissions and prep the documents so the order window could open on time on Monday, Nov. 18. I would have spontaneously combusted if he had not been available (well, maybe I did a couple of times, but Tom successfully talked me off the ledge).

I am pleased to announce that our program remains a competitive bid process. We received highly competitive bids from both Sysco Montana and Food Services of America. This bid cycle was won by Sysco Montana, and I'm sure you'll love all the new brands. Please note the only brand new product available this round is Item 632 - 8 oz. fat free chocolate milk in shelf stable aseptic packaging. This and it's sister item, the 1% milk, has pretty sweet pricing, too!

In addition to the links and info next to our new Pillsbury Dough Chef (ain't she a cutie?!?), my most important bit of advice is to note the changes in brands and case pack sizes for this round of ordering.
The Pillsbury Dough Chef
She even giggles when you poke her tummy!
  • our website address has changed!

  • the Spring 2020 order form is now available to download : )

Spring 2020 Order Window
  • opens Nov. 18th
  • closes Dec. 10th - NO EXTENSIONS !

Spring 2020 Delivery Cycle
  • delivery 1: Jan. 27 - Feb. 14
  • delivery 2: Feb. 24 - Mar. 13
  • delivery 3: Mar. 23 - April 10
  • delivery 4: Apr. 20 - May 8
Many districts have notified me of changes with their Food Service Managers, and I am grateful. I don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to participate in our program. Please let me know if I need to update YOUR records ASAP.

I will be in touch again next week. Until then, happy ordering to all of you, and THANK YOU for participating!

Best regards,


Jennifer Brekke
Interim Bid Manager
direct office # (406) 522-6024