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June 6, 2017

Rainbow Hip on a Pit

For this creative design, Dawn uses products developed just for pets. They are easy to work with. They give you rich, bold lasting colors. Dawn doesn't just stop at the rainbow. She adds leopard spots for added interest.
The end result is fun. How could you not smile if you met this dog in public? This sweet Pit Bull gets lots of attention when she's out and about sporting this fun, creative design.
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Creative Styling Ombre Colors on a Dog's Body

Ombre is gaining popularity in natural or bright shades. The ombre hair coloring technique gradually blends from one color to another.
In this lesson, Angela shows you how to do the ombre color pattern on the body of a furry Chinese Crested. With products created just for dogs, the application is fast and simple. It's a fun styling option for the more daring pet owner. Their pet will make a statement everywhere they go.
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From the Archives!  
Health and Wellness for Pet Groomers with Dr. Matt

Chiropractor Dr. Matt Phinney talks about the percentage of pet professionals that will be effected by pain in during their career, the everyday stressors we deal with and the massive data sheet OSHA has compiled about our industry.

By being aware of potential health risks, professional pet groomers can take proactive steps that will keep them grooming for years to come.
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