September 2016

Get ready for cool nights and cooler reads
Fall is here, and on top of shorter days and chilly nights, the new season also brings some great new books.  Whether you're returning to a world well-read, time traveling with a mad scientist, or infiltrating the Congress of Vienna, you'll be thoroughly entertained.  
"It is Johansen's best novel yet, especially for readers who have been along for the ride thus far."
-B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog
"Johansen has crafted a captivating world of gods, demons, wizards, and warriors.  Enriched by a keen eye for character and masterly, lyrical prose, her books are an insightful look at the corrosive nature of power on the human soul."
- Anthony Ryan, author of The Blood Song and The Waking Fire  

Everything you ever wanted to know about K. V., including her dog's real name in her Reddit AMA 

Heir of the dying gods of Nabban, the fugitive slave Ghu is drawn back to the empire he fled as a boy, journeying east on the caravan road with the assassin Ahjvar at his side.

Innocent and madman, god and assassin--two men to seize an empire from the tyrannical descendants of a devil. But in war-torn Nabban, enemies of gods and humans stir in the shadows. The devil herself meddles with the heir of her enemies and his soul-shattered companion, as the fate of the empire rests on their shoulders.

About the Author

Kris "K. V." Johansen  is the author of  The Lady (Marakand, Volume Two) , The Leopard (Marakand, Volume One) , and  Blackdog , and numerous works for children, teens, and adults. She predominantly writes secondary-world fantasy but is also the author of some science fiction and literary criticism, and of a collection retelling medieval Danish ballads. Her lifelong interest in ancient and medieval history and the history of languages has had a great influence on her writing and world building. She lives in New Brunswick, Canada, with a moderately wicked dog.
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"Looking for a new narrative world lovingly furnished with the craft and care of an older time? This book feels like Holmes."
- Jane Espenson , writer/producer of  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Battlestar Galactica , and  Once Upon a Time

The lives of two men become entwined for centuries after an apothecary creates an elixir from an ancient manuscript. Physician Simon Bell and apothecary Gaelan Erceldoune are able to conceal their immortality, but the only hope for reversing their condition rests with the now missing manuscript. When a modern-day pharmaceutical company unearths diaries that could lead them to the fabled "elixir of life," Simon and Gaelan must race to find the manuscript before their secret is discovered.

"A perfect combination of romance, historical fiction and fantasy. Burgis displays wonderful storytelling and a gift for the imaginative."  -RT Book Reviews

In 1814, the Congress of Vienna has just begun. Under a new name and identity, Lady Caroline Wyndham returns to Vienna determined to save her kidnapped father from a dark alchemist. But she isn't expecting to meet her father's old apprentice, Michael Steinhüller, now a charming con man in the middle of his riskiest scheme ever.

The sinister forces that shattered Caroline's childhood still rule Vienna behind a glittering façade of balls and salons, Michael's plan is fraught with danger, and both of their disguises are more fragile than they realize. What price will they pay to the darkness if either of them is to survive?

In case you missed it...
" Genuinely inspired, shockingly erotic, "Fresh, fierce, and laugh-out-loud funny. The most rollicking read I've had in ages!" 
-Lisa Shearin, New York Times-bestselling author of the Raine Benares series 

"This book has everything."  - Book Riot

"MacNaughton hits the ground running with this fast-paced and off-beat doomsday tale complete with muscle cars of the apocalypse! A terrific new find!"  - RT Book Reviews

Magic is real. A handful of sorcerers wield arcane power against demons and the forces of darkness. These protectors of the powerless are the best magic-users in the world. Unfortunately, Dru isn't one of them. She's got magical potential. She uses crystals to see enchantments, and she can research practically anything in the library in the back of her little store, sandwiched between a pawnshop and a 24-hour liquor mart. She sells enough crystals, incense, and magic charms to scrape by.

Everything changes the day a handsome mechanic pulls up in a possessed black muscle car, his eyes glowing red. Just being near Greyson raises Dru's magical powers to dizzying heights. But he's been cursed to transform into a demonic creature that could bring about a fiery doomsday. There's only one chance to break Greyson's curse-and it's about to fall into Dru's inexperienced hands. . . .


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