Volume 11 | December 2018
The holidays are just around the corner!
TVCC will be closed from December 25th to January 1st
Upcoming TVCC Education Workshops
Do you want your child to ask questions or join in with peers?
Learn strategies to teach your child a social skill:
  • Have a same-age peer show your child how to play with a toy
  • Use a video of a same-age peer playing with the toy to show to your child

Building Social Skills with Children & Youth with ASD will be in the following areas in December:

Sleep :
What is it and How do I get some? Learn why sleep is important, how to identify sleep disturbances and approaches to improve sleep this December in:

If your family is new to TVCC or your child was recently diagnosed with ASD, we recommend you attend three Introductory Workshops to start:

Orientation to Autism Services - also available online!

Check out our website or visit us on facebook in the upcoming weeks for January, February and March workshops!
Education workshops will resume in January in Lambton at our new location! We have moved to Western Research Park at 1086 Modeland Road, Building 1020, Suite 100 South, Sarnia.
Autism Ontario Family Activities
Autism Ontario Chapters offer many resources and events across Southwestern Ontario. Find something for your family.

Check out the many holiday parties in Grey Bruce or Sarnia or go for a date night in London.
In the News
Feeling a little chilly with the recent weather? Here are a few stories from the past month that are sure to warm your heart.

Alexander Carter an 8 year old on the spectrum has an amazing neighbour. Pat Dugan, Alexander's neighbour, has taken the time to build a friendship with him. Most recently, he built Alexander a shelter for when he is waiting for the school bus. Read more about Alexander and Pat here.

You may remember Maxwell Adamson from our summer editions. At the time he was working on a documentary series and we shared a few of his episodes. Maxwell is now helping with a theatre class for individuals on the spectrum. Improv for Autism at the Globe Theatre in Regina. Read more about Adamson's rewarding experience.

Two new books written for kids were in the news this month. In Manitoba, we met Angela Taylor and her book "All Kinds of Minds". This book was made with and for children celebrating differences.
Sienna Manuel from the UK shared her book inspired by her brother, titled "Suzie and Cruize".

Did you know we have resource libraries in each of our TVCC locations: Windsor, Stratford, Sarnia, Owen Sound, and London?
If you are looking for books to share with your child about autism spectrum disorder and celebrating differences check out our resource libraries. We have many books available for borrowing such as "My Friend Has Autism" by Amanda Doering Tourville and "May I Be Excused, My Brain Is Full" by Krista Preuss-Goudrealt. Our resource libraries also feature a wide variety of parent resources about ASD and strategies for teaching new skills.

If you are looking for a book or resource from our library, I would love to help. Contact me, your Parent & Community Educator, Laura DeVries at laura.devries@tvcc.on.ca
Resource Corner
The holidays are just a few weeks away!

Check out our tip sheet for planning for the holidays. It includes examples of "keep busy" activities, alternatives for a "choice board on the go" and how to make a packing list for your child/youth if you are travelling during the holidays.
Recent TVCC Autism Community Events
A special thank-you to Kettle Point Health Centre and Bruce County Social Services for inviting us to their communities in November. We shared ASD information with parents, childcare staff and community members. We welcome opportunities to meet new people, build community awareness and answer questions about ASD.
If you know an organization that would like to learn more about ASD and benefit from one of our ASD workshops contact me, Laura DeVries, Parent & Community Educator at laura.devries@tvcc.on.ca
What resources do you need?
Is there a specific topic or resource you would like to see featured in the Resource Corner? I would like to hear from you! Your Parent & Community Educator, Laura DeVries at laura.devries@tvcc.on.ca
Happy Holidays!
TVCC Autism Services extends warm wishes for a safe and fun holiday season - Happy Holidays from our TVCC family to yours!
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