Pheno Forecasts

Thank you for signing up for Pheno Forecast notifications from the USA National Phenology Network.

This year, we will send you email notifications to alert you when to look for insect pests. You will receive notifications approximately two weeks and again six days before the threshold is reached at your location for the life cycle stage of interest for each species you selected from our list .

We will also send you a link to the forecast map page for each of your species. The forecast map page includes two Pheno Forecast maps for that species - the current day forecast and the six day forecast. You can see an example below of the six day forecast map for emerald ash borer.
How do we do this?
Insect pest forecasts are based on USA-NPN  Accumulated Growing Degree Day (AGDD)  map products and published GDD thresholds. References for the published thresholds used to generate the forecasts appear on the individual species pages linked from our Pheno Forecast page .
Report your sightings!
You can help validate and improve the USA-NPN's Pheno Forecasts by contributing your observations to Nature's Notebook via the Pest Patrol campaign !

Submit observations of pests six times in a year and you can earn the Pest Patrol badge featured at right!
Give us your feedback
Our Pheno Forecast map products are still in development, and we seek input on their performance in your area. We welcome your feedback .
Kathy Gerst