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March 28, 2022

Weekly Highlights

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Getting real about real estate in the Granite State

Affordable housing tops the list of hot topics in this roundtable discussion with Rep. Annie Kuster (D) and realtors from around the state. Recorded 3/14/22

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Bloom early with the 2022 Virtual Garden Tour

"An oasis of joy." Hanover Garden Club president Susan Edwards shares her half-acre perennial garden in this Howe Library event.

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Hanover High School Masterworks Concert

Works by Haydn, Sibelius, and Schubert highlight the first in-person performance in two years by Hanover High's Symphony, Chorus, and Footnotes a cappella group. Recorded 3/11/22

Directed by Jenny Chambers.

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Let's Talk! Fad Diets

Contemplating radical measures to drop some of those winter pounds? Keto, Paleo, Master Cleanse – fad diets are everywhere. Dietician Annie Hutchinson serves up a well-balanced look at the history and risks of dieting in this new program from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Visiting Nurse and Hospice for VT and NH.


Community Producer Profile: Chad Finer

"Music has always been an interest of mine. At one time I had visions of working with Alan Lomax, but for a variety of reasons this never came to work out. Maybe, to some degree, what I am doing now, is a return to those days. My folks were talented violinists - my dad also played the banjo. I was never a talented musician, but from an early age I enjoyed listening. Since retiring I now have the chance to listen to, and record great, and varied Upper Valley music performance. I have also had the chance to meet area musicians. What an opportunity. How lucky am I. I go out, set up my stuff, and then sit back and listen to great stuff. I have been doing this since 2016, although way back in the 1960's I recorded traditional music in Sierra Leone when I was in the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, all those early recordings were stolen."

CATV salutes and thanks Chad Finer for his documentary film work capturing music and life in the Upper Valley.

Learn how you can produce at CATV!

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Didgeridoo at Seven Stars

Chad Finer recorded this Didgeridoo performance by Bill Cole on 9/21/19 at the Seven Stars Arts Center in Sharon, VT in celebration and memory of his longstanding friendship with his friend Jack Jackson.

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Spring jamLABs with CATV

Long to take your performance to livestream but don't know where to start? Curious to try acting for the screen? Have a TV show idea you need help getting on the page? Jump into a CATV jamLAB for a jump start on these media skills and more!

Upper Valley media professionals share their expertise and passion in these master class-styled, hands-on 3-hour media workshops, which can stand alone or work together to offer an introduction to digital media arts production. 

New offerings include Introduction to Video Game Design, Writing for TV, and Color Correction for Post-Production.

jamLABs run April 20-May 21 at CATV

Learn more and register here!

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jamCAMP registration is now open!

What’s your media jam? 

Find out at CATV's jamCAMPs!

June 27 - July 1 Studio Production

July 5-8 Music Video Production

July 11-18 News & Multimedia Journalism

July 18-22 Animation Camp

Camp directors are media-making professionals supported by teen and young adult counselors.

Grades 5-12


Learn more and register here!

Community Podcasts on CATV

New episode of Intersections and pilot episode of Shelf Help dropping this week!

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