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August 9, 2016

Paw Print on a Beagle

Are your clients sports fans? This is the lesson for you!

The Queen of Color, Dawn Omboy, will show you how to wow your customers with this easy color application technique.

Whether you want to show your school spirit, root for your favorite professional sports team, or do something fun for Halloween, this lesson will give you the skills you need to make your fur clients look amazing.

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From the Archives!  
Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog - Working Retriever Trim            

Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer as well as a highly regarded contest stylist. One of the breeds that earned her the right to become a GroomTeam USA member was the Portuguese Water Dog. In this session she grooms a beautiful, black-and-white PWD to breed standard in a working Retriever trim. She will guide you through the breed standard, points of reference on the dog's body, and tricks on how to get the look on a show dog, a contest dog, or simply the correct look on a pet dog in your salon.

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