Volume 2 | Issue 1
Hello everyone. Happy new year! I apologize for not a lot of updates lately but nothing has been happening until the state announced that we will return to level orange on Monday, the 4th. With that said, we will return to practice starting today. The new schedule is below for the week of January 4th. The following week (January 11th) we hope to return to the schedule we had in Nov. with the Arena and Chinook trail in it. 

I know many of you are wondering about refunds or credits as well. Please plan to continue paying dues as scheduled on the contracts you all have. We will look to credit any dues at the end of the season as necessary. 

The RMR has sent out a preliminary schedule for return to play, but that will most likely take another level drop to happen -but not sure yet. More to come on RMR. Please contact your coaches about tournaments and where they are. Coaches are watching those closely. I know it is hard to book rooms and sometimes flights without knowing what will happen but hotels need to be reserved in order for your team to remain registered with the tournament policies. Flights can be booked with insurance to protect yourselves as well. Hotels will be refunded if tournaments are canceled due to COVID is what most are stating on their websites. 

Stay tuned for more information!

Monday the 4th
5pm: 12n 13s 
6:30pm: 18n 17n
8pm: 15n 16n

Tuesday the 5th
5pm: 14w 16s
6:30pm: 15s 15w
8pm: 14s 17s

Wednesday the 6th
5pm: 13n 14n
6:30pm: 15n 16n
8pm: 18n 17n

Thursday the 7th
5pm: 16s open slot
6:30pm: 15s 15w
8pm: 14s 17s

Friday the 8th
630pm: 12n 13s

Saturday the 9th
8am: 18n 17n
10am: 16n 15n
12pm: 14n 14w
2pm: 13n

Chris Sweeney
  • Practices start back up - 01/04

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15 Silver - Emmerson Moffett #10 was chosen by all her teammates to be one of our captains this year. She is a hard worker and a consistent player for her team. Emmerson is able and willing to play any position her team needs her too in order to be successful. Keep it up!

15 White - Our 15 W spotlight player is Zoe Maher. As one of our captains, Zoe is an outstanding leader and a very talented all-around player. In our 2 powers, she was one of our top passers, had 29 kills and an incredible 23 aces! While Zoe is a very talented player, her coaches are most proud of the positive attitude and work ethic she brings to every practice and competition. 
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