What is new this year!
This year we are releasing the 2022 Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner in nine different colors/texture options! It will still be in the popular vinyl "flex" binding. The beautiful Italian vinyl with smooth or fabric textured surfaces are available in the following colors: Royal Blue (smooth), Bright Blue (fabric), Burgundy (smooth), Black (smooth), Dark Brown (smooth), Light Brown/Tan (fabric), Gray (fabric), Green (fabric), and Raspberry Red (iridescent)
The Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner is a unique prayer and scheduling tool designed to help you live an intentional, integrated life connected to God's kingdom. This multifaceted resource is far more than an effective organizer. It is a window through which thousands of believers each year see God's work in the world and join Him in that work through vital intercession for the nations.
The Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner is designed to assist you in integrating three vital areas of your daily life: 

  1.  Intercessory prayer
  2.  Bible reading and meditation
  3.  Planning your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedules 

The 2022 edition is rich with current, well-researched prayer suggestions. Join thousands of others who are intentionally praying for these internationally focused needs. Be encouraged as you journal your own prayer life and answers. Enjoy monthly and daily prayer suggestions, relevant Christian teaching, and an annual Bible reading schedule.

  • A collection of relevant Christian teaching 
  • Monthly articles exploring places of brokenness and redemption around the world 
  • Daily thematic prayer guide 
  • Bible meditation and memorization guide
  • Weekly guide to praying for the nations, including country flags and statistics
  • Two-track Bible-reading program, including a check-off system to read the Scriptures in your own order and at your own pace 
  • Calendars for planning your day, week, and year 
  • Personal notes and contacts
  • Reference helps

As you use the Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner, you will be encouraged and emboldened in the knowledge that you are one of thousands of Christians using this diary worldwide who are united in vital intercession.