June 2016

EMF Damages Brain Health: The Pathophysiological Link Between Autism and EMF
Dr. Martha Herbert's May presentation on how EMF can impact brain function by increasing the toxic load at the cellular level.
View/Download Slides from the Presentation
Dr. Devra Davis' Slides on EMF and Children
Dr. Hugh Taylor's Slides on EMF and Pregnancy
Spin versus Fact: Dr. Moskowitz Fact Checks Media Coverage of the NTP
US Government's Premiere Test Program Finds Cancer Risk From Cell Phone Radiation: A Game-Changing Global Wake-Up Call
"If ever there was a time to re-think our growing dependence on wireless in schools, cars, homes, and energy production, this is it." 
Bloomberg Gets It Wrong on the $25 Million Dollar Cell Phone Cancer Study
In a June 2, 2016  Bloomberg tv interview  Faye Flam was asked to comment on the National Toxicology Program Study  where she said it was like "the studies that showed coffee was good or bad."  Read More

National Toxicology Program Slide Presentation, June 2016 Ghent Belgium
At the 2016 BioEM Conference, lead investigator Michael Wyde detailed increased tumors and DNA damage in groups exposed to cellphone radiation.

Scientific American: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Probably, but It's Complicated
Written by Dr. Portier, former Director of the National Center for Environmental Health at CDC and Director of the ATSDR.
"These Results Clearly Show Cell Phone Radiation Has Adverse Effects."
Listen to the press briefing with Ronald L. Melnick, PhD, the senior toxicologist who designed the National Toxicology Program (NTP) study.

PBS Covers the NTP Cell Phone Cancer Study in Three Articles

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