The Inside Scoop | December 2020
Tiny Tots is in full swing!
Looking for a unique and fun kids' activity for your family or as a gift? Tiny Tots provides interactive musical experiences for kids.

Six Times Throughout the Year, You’ll Receive:

  • New interactive virtual performances on demand.
  • New online musical activities, exploration, and musical games.
  • A new activity book mailed to your child for screen-free fun.
  • A total of 6 unique program releases designed for kids 7 and under.
Learn more about the current Tiny Tots season.
The Christmas program is part of a full season package or can be purchased on its own!
Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 8th
Thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated so far to help us reach our goal. It’s no secret that things have changed dramatically at Inside the Orchestra since March.

For us, going dark has never been an option. You know how essential music is to kids and their development and that's true now more than ever. We have and will continue to figure out how to make music with and for kids, no matter what.

We need your help. We can’t wait to get back to the concert experiences we are known for. But we have a lot of important work to do for kids in the meantime. 

This coming Tuesday, December 8th, is Colorado Gives Day. Many will celebrate by giving gifts to the Colorado nonprofit organizations close to their hearts.

If you're able to donate, your gift will go directly to making music for children. Your contribution will make an immediate impact.

Help us keep the music going – no matter what.

You can preschedule a Gives Day gift on the Colorado Gives website or make a donation on the Inside the Orchestra website.
The Activity Corner
Make a DIY Violin

Join Program Manager Sara Hare and her three-year-old daughter Sybil as they make a DIY violin craft. You can do this activity with cardboard and string!
Water Trombone Experiment

Learn about how the trombone makes its sound with this water trombone experiment from Deceptively Educational. A simple experiment that combines science and music-making and helps kids explore high and low sounds.
Musical Resources & Gift Ideas
Great gift ideas for kids and educators!
Composer Cards

Featuring 25 original hand-painted portraits and short bios. When you buy a set of composer cards, you get the physical card set in addition to an online platform with an electronic version of each card, music samples and playlists for each composer. and hands-on activities to help dive deeper into the lives of these important musicians.
Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts
Harpists never use their pinky fingers to play. But they do use their feet! Learn more about the harp and all its cool features in this video with harpist Don Hilsberg.