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Fall 2015 Tiny Tots
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Fall Season Highlights
  • Featured dancers from Hannah Kahn Dance Company
  • New musical selections!
  • Tiny Tots Tour Packs: buy a 5-pack or 10-pack of tickets to be used in any increment you like, for any show(s) you like.
  • McNichols Performance Only: Join Neighborhood Music Stapleton on the second floor before or after the concerts for an interactive instrument petting zoo!
Fall 2015 Schedule:
Programs at 9:30 and 10:45 AM each day

Saturday, September 12th:  McNichols Building
Monday, October 12th: Temple Emanuel
Monday, October 26th: Wildlife Experience (museum entry included)
A Word from Tom null

So you think you know all about the instruments inside the orchestra? Well, maybe you do, but this season we are going to feature elements that are different!  You may be familiar with the bassoon and the melody from the cartoon 'Fantasia' where Mickey Mouse gets in trouble with the "sorcerer," but I bet you know less about its relative, the contrabassoon. It has a very low rumbling sound and those low pitches will be featured in our Fall Tiny Tots Series.
Our Winter Series will feature the harp-- something that we have never showcased in our 30 years of doing these programs-- we are very excited to introduce children to this magical instrument.  For the spring, a brass instrument that looks like a toy-- the piccolo trumpet will be added to the mix. 
And here's a riddle for you that will be programmed throughout the year:  "Why can an orchestra sound like a band, but a band can't sound like an orchestra?"  Find out about this and much more in our 2015-16 Tiny Tots series as I celebrate my 30th anniversary of conducting children's concerts!
The Activity Corner 
Look here for fun music-related activities

Get kids back in the swing of the school year with some fun music-based online quizzes courtesy of  Arts Alive. Can you name the instruments in the orchestra based on their sound? What about trying  to compose a song

" Get rid of those end of summer blues and step into your new school shoes. Crank up the volume, gather up all those school supplies and turn that frown upside down." has put together a playlist of back to school songs to help you rock out on your way to the bus stop. 
Events from our Partners
Check out great activities from our partner organizations

Neighborhood Music Stapleton Logo
Offering private lessons in 13 instruments 
and group lessons in Cello, Voice, and Guitar

Illuminate theater troupe announces:  Open Auditions for the Winter musical, The Holliest Jolliest Holiday Musical Ever! 
Saturday, September 12 th
3-5:30 PM ages 5-17 yrs

NMS studio:  10255 E 25 th Avenue, Suite 3 Aurora CO 80010

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Hannah Kahn Dance Announcement
From the Executive Director
Shelby Mattingly

August is the only month all year that we do not have  Inside the Orchestra programs - which means that it is a great month for us to plan, organize, and get ready for the upcoming season. 


As we ramp up for the next school year, and the celebration of our 30th anniversary of doing the Inside the Orchestra programs, there are a lot of different volunteer opportunities available. Everything from helping distribute promotional materials to prepping mailings, from assisting at concerts to event planning. If you are interested in learning more about ways you can get involved, shoot me an email. I'd be happy to talk about your interests.


We'll see you in just a few weeks at McNichols Building for the kick off of our fall Tiny Tots series. September 12th also happens to be the day of the Rocky Mountain PBS Kids Fun Fest. It's the perfect pairing - we have concerts at 9:30 and 10:45 in the morning and the Fun Fest runs from 10 - 2 that day. Plus, it's walking distance from the McNichols Building, so you can have a full day of family fun downtown.


We are also so happy to welcome our partner Neighborhood Music Stapleton to the Tiny Tots concerts on September 12th. They will be bringing an instrument petting zoo and teachers to help the little ones in your life explore instruments before and after the concerts - the second floor of McNichols is going to be a fun-filled place.


Happy fall!


Shelby Mattingly

Music News
Find stories that inspire us
Music to Help People with Epilepsy

A new study has just been published that shows that music could be an effective form of intervention or an additional treatment for people with epilepsy. 80% of epileptic seizures occur in the same part of the brain that processes music, and study participants who suffered from epilepsy showed an increased brain wave response when listening to music than people who had never had a seizure.

Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts                 
Images from inside of a violin courtesy of   Behance

A single violin is made from over 70 pieces of wood. Professional violin makers estimate that it takes them about 200 hours to make a single violin, and even longer for a larger instrument like a viola or cello. The great violin maker Stradaveri made over 1,156 string instruments, meaning he likely spent over 200,000 hours of his life dedicated to making beautiful instruments!
Fun with Music
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Get ready for our awesome soloists this season by watching this amazing video  of ten year old Jeneba Kanneh-Mason playing Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin
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