February Newsletter
Just two weeks away...
Only two performances left of the winter series

Monday, February 29th at The Wildlife Experience 

    • Featured dancers from Kim Robards Dance
    • All new music since the fall programs
    • New instrument: come check out the harp!
    • Access to the Wildlife Experience included
A Word from Tom

Ronald Reagan was president. No one had a cell phone and local calls were placed without an area code first. Insurance premiums cost $54 a month through the musicians' union. And I wouldn't be getting my first desktop computer until 12 years later.
That was how it was back in  1986 when we first started performing Inside the Orchestra programs. My marching orders were to develop an interactive program to inspire and entertain young children with one primary directive: "never bore the kids!"
Thirty years, and hundreds of thousands of audience members later, we still remember that warning as we prepare our orchestral programs for children.
We'll keep the same directive for the adults at this year's Inside the Orchestra for Adults at Wings Over the Rockies on March 10th.
I will be sharing the podium with our Associate Conductor, Steven Aguiló-Arbues. Interestingly, Steven is now about the age I was when I first started Inside the Orchestra back in the 80's.
In addition to an aviation theme to our "grownup" event, we'll be featuring a "lighter than air" dance piece with the Kim Robards Dance, and an opera aria that is truly in the stratosphere.
But I'm personally looking forward to Steven and  I literally sharing the conducting duties: at the same time, during one tune-- dueling conductors!
You will definitely want to be a part of this 34 piece orchestral spectacle-- as we will surround you with our wonderful musicians, some of whom have been kicking around with me since I arrived in Denver so many years ago!
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Story Time
From the Executive Director

We have had a whirlwind few weeks at Inside the Orchestra. Since February 10th, we have seen over 4,000 people in eleven programs throughout the Denver metro area - from Lakewood to Hilltop; Boettcher Concert Hall to History Colorado.

We have just two more programs left in our winter 2016 series before we change it all up again in the spring. Our spring programs will feature another new highlighted instrument - this time the piccolo trumpet! Not only that, but we will be rolling out our first ever bilingual Tiny Tots in Commerce City, where we will offer both Spanish speaking and English speaking Tiny Tots programs. 

We were thrilled to have Reggie Rivers join us on February 10th to help us kick off the winter Tiny Tots. Reggie was a great sport, and even tried out some instruments himself! 

We are putting the final touches on our upcoming Inside the Orchestra for Adults event. It's going to be a blast - we'll have instruments for adults to try out, surprise performances, a 34 piece orchestra, and the best new breweries in Denver. From Storm Troopers to opera, we've got it all. Join us for an unforgettable party.

Shelby Mattingly
Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts                 
Everyone loves listening to music while they exercise, but did you know that it does actually have a positive effect on your body while you work out? Listening to music during exercise improves endurance as it drowns out the body's fatigue signals in the brain and cyclists who listened to music required 7% less oxygen to do the same work as those who cycled in silence. It really is harder to complete a workout when you leave your iPod at home!
Music News
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Moon Music
NASA Releases Recording of "Outer-Space" Type Music From the Far Side of the Moon 

Moon music? After being kept accidentally under wraps for more than 40 years, a recording from Apollo 10's maiden voyage to the other side of the moon was released where the astronauts hear what they describe as sounding like "outer-space type music." NASA says that it was likely just radio interference, but perhaps music is more "universal" than we ever thought! 

The Activity Corner 
Look here for fun music-related activities

Who doesn't love a great game of Twister?  You can create a staff with a plain shower curtain and electrical tape or with masking tape on carpet.  Students use a spinner and follow the directions "Right Hand E!" or  "Left foot B!" for a fun and physical way to review pitch names. Check out a template for the spinner here.
Twister Twister 2
Fun with Music
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Little Mermaid
Watching this little girl sing  "Part of Your World" from Disney's The Little Mermaid is bound to give you chills. You're never too young (or too old!) to make beautiful music.
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