May Newsletter
Family Music Fest
Family Music Fest is tomorrow, May 14th! 
Family Music Fest
S chedule of Events
  • All Day: Fun for the whole family
  • 9:30 and 10:45AM: Tiny Tots Programs - last chance to see the spring series repertoire
  • 10:15AM - 3:30PM:  
    • Opera Photo Booth
    • Music Lessons 
    • Costume Station
    • Bounce House & Carnival Games
    • Interactive booths on art, music, conducting, dance, making instruments, and movie making
    • Food Trucks, and more
  • 1:15PM: Central City Opera takes the stage for a performance of En Mis Parabas/In My Own Words
Tickets available for morning only, all day, or afternoon.  All day ticket purchasers can come and go throughout  the  day.

Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts                 
Flex that brain!
There are few activities in life that use  the  entire brain, and music is one of them. With Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI), a research team recorded a group of individuals who were listening to music. They found that listening to music recruits the  auditory areas, and employs large-scale neural networks in  the  brain. In fact, they believe music can activate emotional, motor, and creative areas of  the  brain.
The Activity Corner 
Look here for fun music-related activities

Music Inspires Learning
Summer is just around  the  corner - how will you keep  the  young ones in your life engaged with music throughout the s ummer months? Check "12 Fun Ways to Use Music to Inspire Learning " from Kindermusik. From hula hoops, to listening walks,dancing to musical chairs - lots of fun ways to keep young musical minds.
From the Executive Director

Wow - we just did the final school outreach programs of  the 15-16 season!  The days are flying by quickly as we get closer to summer. We could not be more excited about tomorrow's Family Music Fest. There are so many fun activities, games, performances, and a chance to enjoy fabulous food while sitting out in  the sunshine. We hope you can join us.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we're closing up shop, though - in fact, we have some fun surprises planned for the summer months, including one more set of Tiny Tots programs - our first-ever summer Tiny Tots - where you, the audience, will get to pick the pieces we play. How? Stay "tuned" and we will send out information for that next week. We'll be announcing the full 2016-17 Tiny Tots season at the end of May as well - and we've been listening to the requests from attendees for more weekend programs. You will see that on the list, as well as more programs in Boulder, in south Denver, and all around. We can't wait to share our plans with you.

Shelby Mattingly
Music News
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Neil DeGrasse
The Importance of Arts Education

"You can use that kind of thinking and apply it to anything else - business, engineering, science - and you're better at that; you succeed more; and you bring more to  the  world because you have these abilities that came from outside of your discipline." Check out this video  of Neil deGrasse Tyson and David Byrne discussing  the  value of arts education.
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