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Winter Season Highlights
  • Featured dancers from Kim Robards Dance
  • New music - Winter 2016 concerts feature all new repertoire
  • New instrument: come check out the harp!
Winter 2016 Schedule:
Programs at 9:30 and 10:45 AM each day

Wednesday, February 10th: Temple Emanuel
Wednesday, February 17th: Mile Hi Church
Saturday, February 20th: History Colorado  (museum entry included)
Monday, February 22nd: Boettcher Concert Hall
Tuesday, February 23rd: Temple Emanuel
Monday, February 29th:  Wildlife Experience (museum entry included)
A Word from Tom
Tom Jensen

Our clarion call for ISO is #MusicMovesMe. For all of us that may take on different meanings - for example, my wife's father got her into opera while in elementary school.  Her lifelong love of the stories and arias started at a young age and continues today.
I started taking piano lessons in the second grade and really didn't take to it until junior high and orchestra class.  The comradery with other students making music together was what hooked me, and while studying cello and bass was my main focus, I found that my piano lessons made more sense as I was learning to work out conductor scores at the keyboard. The relationships I have developed over the past 50 years are still important to me - fellow musicians have become my extended family.
And hearing orchestra music that I played many years ago can transport me back into time. I can smell the rosin and violin polish and see again rehearsal rooms that were part of my formative years. #MusicMovesMe for all of these reasons and so many more.
We know that we are creating lifelong memories for the young ones we serve, and we pledge to keep the program fresh and exciting for them.
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The Power of Music
Power of Music
The Activity Corner 
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Airplane Activities
AAA estimates that 47 million people will be travelling for Thanksgiving this year - that's significantly more than last year. Check out this page full of awesome travel tips that will keep your kiddos entertained in planes, trains, and cars alike.

Thanksgiving is all about family and food, but sometimes those two things don't get along so well. Like when you have a table full of little ones who finish their meals when you're still in your first course. This website has some great ideas of ways to keep the children at the kids table occupied while you finish your turkey.
From the Executive Director
Shelby Mattingly

H ow does #MusicMoveMe?

There's a particular moment that occurs in many Tiny Tots concerts, where the kids are asked to "grow" as the music around them grows in volume. And these tiny little children will start the process of reaching from the floor to the sky as the music swells. Inevitably, most of them have their hands high over their head more quickly than they "should" and so, as the music keeps "growing," they go onto their tiptoes. Then they start jumping up and down, stretching as far up as they can.  Every time I am in the room when this occurs, without fail, I choke up. There is something really powerful about seeing these kids connect to the music around them. The looks on their faces, the energy in their movements, their commitment to reaching as high as they absolutely can.
And then there is the way they connect with the people around them. As the program shifts mood and tone, I see teachers talking to kids and pointing out different instruments. I see parents laugh and dance with their children. When the singer comes out, or the dancers, I see their jaws literally drop. 
It's the girl throwing her head back to dance, or the boy who brought in a stick to "conduct" because he left his baton at home. It's the hilarious faces kids make when they are concentrating really hard. It's the grandparents and kids that came together. 

It's this young girl and her mom talking about their first visit to a concert:
Music Moves Me

It's all of it, really.
All I can say is, it gives me hope. I spend a lot of time working through how to describe the impact I think these programs have - after all, it's my job to do that. But there's something indescribable that occurs for me - I just can't quite do it justice.
What I can say is that it helps me, personally, feel hopeful about the future, feel connected to my community, and feel grateful for the power of music.
The transformational powers of music are not just anecdotal. They're backed up with cold, hard scientific facts.  

Music  does  help you better understand your emotions. It helps you build empathy, helps you think, and helps you concentrate. In fact, listening to music "lights up" the entire brain in brain scans.  Which is why it is such an essential part of a child's emotional and academic education, from birth on.

We've had a lot go on in the last year at ISO, and we're adding several new programs in the coming year. We are partnering with the Alzheimer's Association to create multi-generational programs for people with dementia. We are partnering with the Autism Society to create sensory friendly concerts specifically for children with sensory processing disorders. We are partnering with the folks over at Edify to offer a technology and music program, so kids who participate in our programs can learn about composition themselves (and compete for a chance to have their music performed by the orchestra at a concert) in school, and at our public venues.

We participate in Colorado Gives Day for the schools on our wait list, for the kids without access to music education, for the families and schools in need who come to our programs at no cost thanks to donors. 

We hope you will join us.

Shelby Mattingly

PS - There are photos of some of these moments, if you'd like to check them out yourself.
Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts                 
Turkey Trot
The Turkey Trot, a popular dance from the early 20th century, was in fact based off the movement of a turkey. This two-step dance was based off a bird's characteristic short, jerky steps and led to the invention of other more popular dances such as the fox trot.
Music News
Find stories that inspire us
Music School
School Finds Music is the Food of Learning

" Academically, students at Voice did significantly better than the city average on New York State math exams last year, with 70 percent of its students passing, compared with 39% citywide."

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" Arts education......does solve problems. Years of research show that it's closely linked to almost everything that we as a nation say we want for our children and demand from our schools: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity." 

Fran Smith

from "Why Arts Education is Crucial and Who's Doing it Best"