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June Newsletter
You can make a difference.

Have you ever made a donation and wonder if it matters? If it makes a difference? We're here to tell you, at Inside the Orchestra, it makes all the difference in the world. 

"In my 21 years as an educator I have experienced a lot of very strong programs brought into schools and can confidently state that Inside the Orchestra is by far the best experiences I have seen. The musicians and artists were as exceptional in their connection and relationship with our students as they are accomplished in their craft...The enthusiasm of the artists was infectious. Our students were mesmerized by each of the different instruments and engaged through the interactiveness of the program." - Principal, Knapp Elementary 


We have a wait list of schools that extends longer than we can meet next year. Because we prioritize high-need schools, our school programs are completely supported by donations and grants. Because we never turn anyone away in our public events like Tiny Tots, every donation keeps open access for a child. 

You can win big, too. 

And, if you're a Tiny Tots fan, there could be a big win in it for you! For every $10 donation made by midnight June 30th,  you'll get a chance to win 5 tickets to every single Tiny Tots program in the 2019-20 season AND two VIP tickets to our annual adults event (that's 152+ tickets - and over $1,700 in value). When you can't attend, you can gift the tickets to someone else.
Will you join us?

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Upcoming Events
Tiny Tots Summer

Saturday, June 22nd
9:30 and 10:45AM
The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace 

Don't miss the last Tiny Tots the 2018-2019 season! This concert will get you excited about the sights, sounds, and songs of summer. 
  • Imagine walking through the mountains, pretend to swing on a swing, and dance like flowers in the breeze to the music 
  • We'll even have a "conduct-a-long" song where kids can feel what it's like to conduct a piece of music. 
  • Interactive activities, an instrument making station, and more. 
These are the last Tiny Tots programs until October, and they are over 60% full. Don't miss your chance. 

The Activity Corner 
Outdoor music wall Outdoor Music Station
Looking for a fun summer project? Check out these outdoor music walls! We've put together a Pinterest page of examples  to spark your imagination. Attach household items, pipes, or other noisemakers to bits of fencing, leftover pallets, or any structure that makes sense for your space. Little ones can explore sounds with their hands, drumsticks, or other items. 

Cards for Dads who Rock
Father_s day card
"Music was very important when I was growing up. Whether it was a party, car ride, or a simple Sunday morning, there was always music playing. My Dad made sure I heard all the top hits and classics from every era. " Little ones can show appreciation for the Dad, grandfather, or other father-figure in their lives  with this easy card that only requires basic crafting supplies. 

Mini craft banjos
Mini Jar Lid Banjos
"Make some mini banjos from old jar lids and rubber bands with a craft stick handle." Decorate with washi tape, marker, stickers, or any other crafting supplies. These tiny banjos actually work and are adorable to boot!
From the Executive Director
Shelby Mattingly headshot

Last week, we were thrilled to share the plans and (most of the) dates for the next season of Tiny Tots. It's going to be a big year, full of new music, new guest artists, and new ways for kids to engage with the arts. You can find the whole season here but stay tuned - because we still have a couple of surprises left to share with you. A good way to keep track of our programming outside of the newsletter is following us on Facebook or Instagram

Also, something you might not know is that Inside the Orchestra is part of the Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD). ACAD is teaming up with Artspace to survey the metro-area creative community. This survey is critical in advancing plans to bring new affordable creative space to Aurora. ACAD wants to develop a place where artists, creatives, makers, and arts educators can have affordable space in which to live, create, practice and share with the public.

ACAD Survey

It is critical that community members submit their feedback. Your voice matters, whether you live and work in Aurora or not. The survey takes about 5 minutes and all responses are anonymous. Share your thoughts here. The deadline to respond is June 11th. 

Shelby Mattingly
Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts: Unique Instruments

Lithophone instrument

"A lithophone is a musical instrument made from stone. They are one of the most ancient instruments", and can be found in cultures from all around the world.  Like the xylophone, stones are arranged in line according to pitch and can be struck individually to compose a melody, or together to create harmonies. 

Lithophones can be made from any kind of stone, like limestone or granite. In this video, you can see a musician playing the Flinstone's theme on Petoskey Stone, a very rare rock and fossil found only in parts of southern Michigan. These fossils are over 350 million years old! 
Fun with Music
Get Inspired

Beethoven 5 was an audience picked 18-19 Tiny Tots season favorite. Enjoy this creative, dramatic (and hand drawn)  Line Rider video . It took the creator three months to make!

Line Rider
June Playlist
For the month of June, we've put together a playlist perfect for kicking off the start of summer. Enjoy these tunes at a Father's Day picnic in the park, or any time you feel like relaxing. 
Tiny Tots Season Playlists 2018-19
As the 2018-2019 season ends, that doesn't mean the music has to end! Click through  these links to listen to our fall , winter , spring , (and yes, even Christmas ) playlists here. 

Thanks so much for a fantastic season! 
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