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Upcoming Events: Fall Tiny Tots
Fall Tiny Tots logo

The wheels on the bus are
almost ready to take you to Fall Tiny Tots! 

This fall, come play with music all about planes, trains, and automobiles. Chug along like a train, gallop on speeding horses, and sing along with the orchestra as music surrounds you. Musical selections will include orchestral classics, children's favorites, and contemporary hits that the whole family will love. 

This series will also feature a singer from Central City Opera, a dancer from Hannah Kahn Dance Company, and a teaching artist from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Watch as the performers get little ones involved in the music with their bodies and imaginations. 

Plus, in addition to all the musical fun, make sure to stop by on the way into Tiny Tots to say hello to our friend Rosie. Rosie will be joining us at all events in the fall (weather permitting) and rumor has it she's bringing some friends along!

The Activity Corner 

Kids playing outdoors
Outdoor Music Games for Kids
Even though school is in session, there's still plenty of time to get musical outdoors with little ones. Check out our recommendations for outdoor music games including musical hide-and-seek, musical chairs, four-square, and more. These games help kids get their wiggles out while reinforcing musical concepts such as tempo and rhythm. 

Wind chimes
Wind Chime Crafts for Kids
Wind chimes are outdoor decorations that double as musical instruments played by the wind. "Historians believe wind chimes have been around for at least 5,000 years." Create your own wind chimes with your little ones and enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature all year long. This article has several tutorials to choose from. Our favorite is the one made of cutlery!

Duct Tape Practice Drum Duct tape drum and drumsticks

Is your child rhythmically inclined but you're not ready to commit to a drum kit yet?  Test things out with a DIY practice drum made from cardboard tubing and the duct tape of your choice. This is a great introduction to the instrument for curious kids that's easy on the wallet and fun to make. 
Fun with Music
Get Inspired
At Inside the Orchestra we believe just about anything can be made musical- but have you ever heard a piece played on a Hot Wheels Xylophone?

This amazing video uses "a total of 374 black-and-white '65 Ford Mustangs hitting xylophone keys to play the world's first die-cast song".

Hot Wheels Xylophone

We can only imagine how much practice and hard work went into this project!   
From the Executive Director
Shelby Mattingly headshot

We are only a month away from the start of fall Tiny Tots and we are getting pumped! 

While we'll be focusing on all kinds of transportation at the concerts, we'd love for as many people as possible to go green when getting there. If you walk, bike, or take public transport to either Sa turday date in the fall, you'll get one free sheet of Tiny Tots stickers per child in your group, plus get entered to win a special prize pack the whole family will enjoy. Plus, the stickers are super cute:

I know it's hard to believe while we are still hitting 90 degrees regularly in the Denver area, but the holidays will be here before you know it. We're presenting three dates of Christmas Tiny Tots . These spots fill up fast, so we recommend signing up as soon as possible. 
We have a lot going on in the world of Tiny Tots, but we're also making music in schools! Learn more about our school program and our homeschool programs on our website.

Shelby Mattingly
We Need Your Instruments!

You know we love a good DIY instrument but let's face it- we need more real ones in our instrument petting zoo. We will happily take instruments you have at home collecting dust. We'll immediately put them to good use and put music directly in the hands of local children.
Boy with cardboard guitar
The only instruments we are unable to accept are reed instruments (oboes, clarinets, saxophones, etc.) or pianos. 

Your tax-deductible donation will directly connect children with music all over our community. Please contact Sara at with questions or to coordinate pickup. 
Inside the Orchestra's September Playlist
Spotify logo
Did you know that September is National Classical Music Month? To celebrate, we've put together a playlist with some of our favorite classical music from across the ages. This playlist includes medieval works, baroque pieces, and songs from present day. 
Did you know?
Fun Musical Facts: The Calliope

To prepare you for the upcoming fall season, we want to introduce you to an instrument you've probably heard but might not know the name of; the calliope. Check out this video to see the calliope in action. 

Also known as a steam organ or steam piano, the calliope produces sound by sending steam or compressed air through large whistles, originally locomotive whistles. In the age of steam-powered trains and boats, the calliope was often used on riverboats and in circuses. 

Calliopes can be played by a player at a keyboard or mechanically. The whistles of a calliope are tuned to a chromatic scale, although this process is difficult and accurate tuning is nearly impossible since the pitch is affected by the temperature of the steam. However, the off-pitch notes have become something of a trademark of this unique instrument
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