Get the Latest Updates for ProVia's iPad App
We hope you are enjoying the ProVia iPad App that we introduced last August! As we hear feedback from users we continue to develop new functionality to further support your sales efforts. We're excited to let you know that the 2016 version of the app (version 2016.0.0) is now available on the Apple App Store

Here are some new tools you can use:
  • A “Price While Shopping” feature is now available. This can be activated in the Pricing tab. When it is “on”, you can continue “shopping” and as you do the price will update in real-time on the main order entry screen.
  • A “Spec Sheet” is now accessible from the Jobs screen without needing to upload the order. This will allow the spec sheet to be downloaded quickly and easily, and then it can be emailed or printed using native iPad tools.

 Additionally, the following product updates are reflected in this version:
  • 2016 Product Enhancements for Doors and Siding
  • 2016 Brochures for Doors and Siding
  • Photo Gallery Expanded for Doors and Windows

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