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Sponsor Spotlight

A massive thanks to some of our sponsors from the ClassE Golf Outing!

Meet the ClassE Crew!

Meet Mia and Jamila!

Mia Hinds is a Junior who plays on the soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams at Charleston High School. She plans to play soccer in college. She works with Big AL’s Shake Ups and as a soccer ref for kids. Mia wants to grow her network as much as possible while she is in high school and ClassE to have strong connections with people later in life. Her favorite sports team is the Bears, and she enjoys learning about chemistry in school. Her favorite thing to eat would likely be brownies or Sour Patch Kids. She aspires to operate her very own food truck in the future. She says she hopes she can leave a positive impact on everyone she meets.

Jamila Amartey is a senior at Charleston High School who spent the last year in France for an exchange program. During this time, she learned how to speak French. Jamila is a part of the Charleston dance team, the Trojets. She enjoys dancing, crocheting, and driving around with friends. She is independent, a good leader, and strives for perfection. Jamila believes she will benefit from ClassE and hopes to make meaningful connections. 

Last Week in ClassE

Last week, ClassE met at Mattoon City Hall. They learned about the future plans for the city and how the mayor navigates issues when they arise.

When asked, "What did you learn today when visiting Mattoon City Hall that you found the most interesting?"

A ClassE student replied, "I learned that the sports complex is one of the biggest projects the county has taken on and should bring in may people. Mayor Hall mentioned building new restaurants, detention basins, hotels, and redoing on-ramps, which are all things that will happen shortly to better our communities."

Last week, ClassE also visited the Mattoon Public Library. They learned more about Mattoon's history and the entrepreneurs who have left their mark on this town.

When asked, "What did you learn from today's tour of the Mattoon Public Library that you found useful as you build your knowledge of entrepreneurship? "

A ClassE student replied, "I learned that we, and many communities around us, have endured lots of change over time. We learned that if they didn't change how they did business, many businesses would fail because they were not growing."

Around the Community

Don't miss the Meet & Mingle at Elevate THIS Friday!

Starting at 7:45 a.m. on Friday, The Veterans Support Coalition will be the featured speaker!

The Children's Business Fair is for elementary and middle school entrepreneurs to show off their hard work and skills. Come out and see these amazing kids and some ClassE students assisting them!

Week at a Glance-IMPORTANT

This week, ClassE will visit Adams Memorials, Aikman Wildlife, and Lake Land College. Swing by the Meet & Mingle this week at Elevate starting at 7:45.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

-Editor's Note-

This Newsletter has been brought to you by Miles Clapp (Past ClassE student and current intern) with MWC Media (My business!).

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