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-Kina Thorpe, Educational Program Manager
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February 18, 2020
Action Alerts:
Vermont Green New Deal Petition and Burlington City Council Rally/Speak Out
Citizens for Climate Action Vermont, a youth-led group, are asking Vermonters under 30 years old to sign a petition to urge the state senate to pass Senate Bill 311-- the Vermont Green New Deal:

"We are facing an urgent and unprecedented global climate emergency. Vermont must play a role in the fight to end climate injustice, and as Vermont’s youth, we are demanding that our government does its part by passing The Vermont Green New Deal.

This bill:
  • Establishes a fund to finance efforts to address climate change including; weatherization, renewable heating systems, electric vehicles, and public transportation.
  • Establishes an advisory board, appointed by the Senate President and House Speaker to set priorities and oversee funding, with 12 members: 4 legislators and 8 citizens with expertise in energy efficiency, renewable systems, housing, building trades, transportation efficiency, and members of the Vermont Youth Climate Congress.
  • Raises $30 million a year from a surcharge on the income tax of the wealthiest 5% of Vermonters, about 16,400 filers with incomes over $200,000 who are enjoying big tax cuts due to the federal “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” The wealthiest 5% of Vermonters are in fact saving $237 million a year in federal taxes because of these tax cuts

Therefore, we the undersigned youth citizens of Vermont call on both the members of the Vermont State Legislature’s Joint Climate Solutions Caucus and the Senate Natural Resources Committee to do everything they can to support and move on to passage by the full legislature, during the 2020 legislative season."
Join us TONIGHT for a rally and speakout at City Hall . Show up and make a public comment to speak directly to the Burlington City Council! We must stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors and let city council know that ICE and police collaboration an urgent and time sensitive matter that demands their attention. The longer we wait, the more people that are at risk of having their lives turned upside down.
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