$1 Billion in Muskegon Investments
Muskegon is continuing to grow, with over one billion dollars in investments occurring on the lakeshore.

Completed projects include the $50 million dollar expansion of Bayer Crop Science, the $15 million dollar expansion of GE Aviation, the $11 million dollar expansion of La Colombe, the development of a new Walmart in Whitehall Township, and the completion of multiple new breweries on the Lakeshore.

Projects in progress include the $271 million dollar Mercy Health Center development, a $38 million dollar investment in the Arconic plant of Whitehall, the $170 million dollar Odeno housing development in Fruitport Township, the $50 million dollar Tannery Bay housing development on White Lake, the $18 million dollar expansion of Muskegon Community College for their new Downtown Center, a $1.8 million dollar investment toward the renovation of the Great Lakes Fresh Markets, and many more.

The investments don't stop there, as the number of proposed projects continues to climb. These investments include the development of a Muskegon Convention Center, a casino development in Fruitport Township, the expansion of KL Outdoor and the development of Winward Pointe, the former Sappi site on Muskegon Lake.

President of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Cindy Larsen, comments that "Muskegon isn't done by any means, but you can actually see the difference so far". All projects enhance the Watch Muskegon campaign, a privately funded community improvement plan.
Kayak Manufacturer Moving to Downtown Muskegon
The world's largest Kayak manufacturer, KL Outdoor/GSC , recently announced plans to relocate their headquarters to Downtown Muskegon.

Currently, KL Outdoor manages a manufacturing facility in Muskegon, employing about 500 people through its operation. The addition of the headquarters is estimated to bring 150 new jobs to the lakeshore.

CEO of KL Outdoor, Chuck Smith, noted that Muskegon provides the right culture fit for the company, and has demonstrated opportunity for further growth. The $9 million dollar investment and addition of jobs is planned to be executed within the next couple of years. The headquarters, to be located at 700 Terrace Point Dr. on Muskegon Lake, is set to open by the end of 2017.
Muskegon Convention Center Announced
A convention center in Muskegon has been all talk for decades. With recent investment from Jon Rooks, a Muskegon Convention Center will come to fruition.

A $15 million dollar convention center will be built next to the Holiday Inn and LC Walker Arena in Downtown Muskegon. The development is part of a public/private agreement between the City of Muskegon, Muskegon County and Jon Rooks, owner of the Holiday Inn.

The convention center is estimated to be 40,000 to 50,000 square feet, and will have the capacity to host trade shows, conferences, banquets, receptions and meetings. Additionally, the Holiday Inn will receive a face-lift as part of the agreement. Improvements include new interior finishings, new furniture and restaurant renovations, all in an effort to upgrade the hotel from "upper midscale to "upscale".

If all logistics go as planned, the convention center and renovated hotel would open in 2020. Rooks comments that both developments are "the next big step for our town".
Classes Begin at MCC's New Downtown Center
Muskegon Community College's Downtown Center has opened its doors to hundreds of students attending various technology classes.

Renovation of the former Muskegon Chronicle Building began almost a year ago, and resulted in three floors of advanced learning labs and classrooms. The Downtown Center features the most up to date design and manufacturing equipment available, including CAD computers, 3D printers, robotics and more. Classes being held at the facility include computer aided design, engineering, materials, robotics and welding.

The "Lakeshore Fab Lab", which houses advanced equipment for entrepreneurs and researchers, will be open beginning in January. Students will have access around the clock; the facility will also be open to corporations and individuals on a membership basis.

Employment Numbers

Labor Force
July 2016 = 79,900
July 2017 = 78,500

July 2016 = 75,300 
July 2017 = 73,700
Employment by Sector  

Goods Producing 
July 2016 = 16,600
July 2017 = 16,300

Service Providing 
July 2016 = 49,300
July 2017 = 48,300
Home Sales (Muskegon County)

Homes Sold
May 2016 = 236
May 2017 = 259

Average Sale Price
May 2016 = $134,296
May 2017 = $146,768
Michigan Works! Statistics

Known Jobs Filled 
July 2016 = 126
July 2017 = 186

Job Seekers (Unique Visitors)
July 2016 = 1,748
July 2017 =1,565
Business Counseling

July 2016 = 31
July 2017 = 20
Airport Traffic

Takeoffs & Landings
July 2016 = 2,725
July 2017 = 3,200

Airport Cargo in lbs. 
July 2016 = 2,111
July 2017 =470

Commercial Passengers
July 2016 = 4,404
July 2017 = 4,405
Top Industries Advertised Online Demand

July 2016 = 124
July 2017 = 105

Health Care & Social Assistance
July 2016 = 156
July 2017 = 146

Retail Trade
July 2016 = 121
July 2017 = 243
Top Muskegon Job Occupations Advertised Online (July 2017)

Truck Driver
74 New Job Postings

Machine Operator
63 New Job Postings

Registered Nurse
61 New Job Postings

Retail Sales
49  New Job Postings  
Statistics provided by:
The Department of Energy, Labor, & Economic Growth; Local Municipalities, Michigan Association of Realtors, Muskegon County Airport, Muskegon Area First, Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Small Business Development Center, and West Michigan Works!

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