How to Mimic a Show Style Trim on a Pet Springer Spaniel
Wouldn't be wonderful if you could groom a Springer like a show dog using methods that are MUCH easier and faster than a show trim?
Pina shows you ways to speed up the process using all types of pet grooming techniques without doing much hand-stripping at all. 
After watching this lesson, you will easily be able to do the same type of haircut using Pina's methods. This dog may not be entering the show ring, but it looks show ring ready!


Grooming a Problem Pet
You will need to go slow and not fight with the pet. Your goal is to set limits and boundaries while winning the dog's cooperation and trust. In this lesson, Judy gives you plenty of ideas on how to do just that. And if you stay with a lesson to the very end, you'll see exactly what Judy is talking about.