How to Do an Easy Pet Trim on a Beagle Mix
Dogs don't share the same structure but if you know how to focus on a few important areas, it can make a big difference. Your work will stand out and your clients will love the way their pets look.

Groomers know that time is money. In this lesson, Judy Hudson shows you how to use guard combs to do almost all the haircut. It's fast, consistent, and the result is super cute. The overall effect accentuates the structure of the dog.

Learn how easy it is to take basic pet grooming to the next level, giving you the edge in creating regular, repeat clients to keep your appointment book filled.


Stuff You Can Take to the Bank
This video lesson is based on a lecture Danelle gives around the country. It's called, "Stuff You Can Take to the Bank." It focuses on real problems for real groomers. She guides her audience through a discussion of issues they face every day. She helps them figure out the solutions which, in turn, put money in the bank.