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Garry Spence
EverGreen Energy Corp.
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Can you shed some light on your company's innovation?

EverGreen is the Canadian distributor for renewable energy technologies providing small scale biomass CHP and hydro power from 50 kWe to 10,000 kWe, plus energy efficiency technologies that will reduce the energy required for heating and cooling by between 15 and 70%.


What type of business model does your company fall under?

EverGreen offers global markets with the opportunity for BOTT purchases, partnership and long term power purchase agreements.


What is EverGreen Energy's most recent milestone achievement?

EverGreen is now working in harmony with power authorities and communities who are committed to reducing diesel power, as well as converting to biomass CHP and water power in off grid locations. 


What major goals are on the horizon for the company in the near future?

As power authorities, off grid communities, and large industrial operators are making commitments for our renewable energy systems, we will require bridge funding, new employees, and a partner to join with us to bring a new waste-to-fuel solution that takes waste and converts it into usable fuels and diverts the waste from landfills.


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Sylvain Bertrand
Airex Energy
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Can you shed some light behind your company's innovation?

Airex Energy, a spin-off of equipment manufacturer Airex Industries, has developed a patented rapid biomass torrefaction process called CarbonFX. Torrefaction is a controlled carbonization process during which biomass is heated to high temperatures with little oxygen. The resulting product is a coal-like substance known as biocoal. Biocoal is a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel that can replace bituminous coal in combustion and metallurgical applications.


What type of business model does your company fall under?

We sell CarbonFX equipment to wood pellet producers, wood product companies and wood recyclers. Airex Energy is working with several strategic partners to develop value-added carbonized products like activated carbon and biomaterial to widen the global market for its CarbonFX technology.


What is Airex Energy's most recent milestone achievement?

In March 2014, Airex Energy has closed a $3M Series A round and has secured more than $7M of non-dilutive financing from federal and provincial governments. 


What major goals are on the horizon for the company in the near future?

A major milestone for 2015 is the construction and commissioning of a full commercial scale 2 tons/hr demonstration plant in Becancour, Quebec. 


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