The General Convention of the Episcopal Church takes place this summer in Austin. Our diocese will send eight deputies, those authorized to represent us, to the gathering to shape the policies, practices and budget of our church. This is the first of a series of updates about the convention. Learn about other deputies in future updates or on the diocesan website .
Ms. Pauline Getz
St. Bartholomew’s, Poway
This will be my eighth General Convention. I look forward to meeting up with my dear friends across the church, and doing some really important business for the church.

Favorite Hymn:  “ The Church’s One Foundation ” and “ Here I Am

Favorite Bible Verse:  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”

Favorite Church Season:  Easter

Pets:  Our four-legged fur person is our Tonkanese cat named Monica

The Rev. Colin Mathewson,
St. Luke’s, San Diego
This will be my third General Convention, the second as a deputy. General Convention is a chance to be reminded of how big and how small the Episcopal Church is! It feels like a family reunion and it’s fun to play at the politics of it — it is very similar in structure to Congress. We’ll also have the chance to debate some important issues, including a possible prayer book revision. 

Favorite Hymn:  For the Beauty of the Earth

Favorite Bible Passage:   Romans 12

Favorite Church Season:  Advent

Pets:  We have four chickens — Snowball, Butterscotch, Chiquita and Lollipop, and a fish named Rainbow.

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