September 2020 NEWSLETTER
In this issue:
  • Enhancing Cancer Care – How we help patients, families, doctors and employers
  • Asking for YOUR HELP – continuing our services
  • Fran Baumgarten – Profiling our Founder
  • 20th Anniversary – Celebrating 2 decades of service
How We Enhance Cancer Care

Fran’s Place – Center for Cancer Counseling helps provide cancer patients, their families and their caregivers directly, with licensed professional therapists at no charge. As part of the treatment team, our services also help Doctors to ensure their patients get better outcomes. With effective psychological counseling, patients will:
  • Have a more positive outlook about treatment
  • Be consistent with medication and treatment
  • Have a healthier lifestyle, to align with treatment success
  • Help their families support them in healing
Professional counseling also helps patients and family members be more productive in dealing with the physical and emotional load that cancer brings. In this way, employers directly benefit from our services too.

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Fran’s Place (a 501(c)3 non-profit), depends upon generous donor support. Due to Covid-19 gathering limitations, we will be unable to hold our annual fall Gala. We need your support now to continue our vital licensed psychological counseling services, provided AT NO CHARGE to cancer patients and their families and caregivers. Donor benefits available at every level! If you have recently donated, thanks so much! If not, please remember that cancer touches everyone

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Meet Our Founder Fran Baumgarten
We'll be introducing key members of our team in each newsletter. First and foremost, meet our founder, in her own words:

“In 1993 I found myself dealing with a recurrence of the breast cancer I had originally treated in 1989. The difference this time was that it had metastasized. My only chance of survival was to have several surgeries, intensive chemotherapy, a stem cell replacement and radiation.

Even though I had practiced psychology for over 15 years, in both psychological and medical settings, I was unprepared to deal with my emotional state and certainly couldn’t touch the pain of my family and friends. To my surprise my colleagues were no better prepared.

Everyone kept telling me to be strong and I would be fine. I kept saying you don’t know that—just read the research and the statistics. There was no one I could talk with about the enormous amount of fear, pain and discomfort that accompanied me all along this journey. In looking back, I see that it was even more isolating for my children and family. Everybody tried to be stoic for each other; we all suffered silently.

After my treatments, and during my recovery, I couldn’t believe that I had spent 21 consecutive days in the hospital and not one person, other than my oncologist, walked into my room and said, ‘Let’s talk about what you are going through. And by the way, how are your children and husband and mother doing?’

At that point, my dream was for a center where all cancer patients and their family members can get better prepared to deal with the enormous challenges of this disease. Where no one had to suffer in silence.

Yes, there are plenty of support groups available, but not a place where it is safe for you to release your deepest, darkest thoughts and have someone like me, a trained professional who understands cancer inside and out, to help you manage them.

My dream now exists. The Center for Cancer Counseling became the place where all cancer patients, family members, partners, children, teens, friends, coworkers, and caregivers could learn how to express feelings and develop strong coping skills and strategies.–a safe, comfortable place where you and your family learn how to maintain a quality of life that is worthwhile, rewarding, fulfilling, successful and happy. A place where families facing death can receive special help for all family members during this difficult time. A place available to everyone who asks for our help, and cost is not an issue.”

Fran is the co-founder and clinical leader of the Center for Cancer Counseling. A two-time survivor of cancer, her passion to help cancer patients and their families manage and survive cancer, along with her personal experience with cancer led her to begin this non-profit organization. In practice as a licensed clinical psychologist for over 30 years, Dr. Baumgarten earned her Ph.D. from California School of Professional Psychology.
Dr. Frances Baumgarten
Dr. Martin Perez
Carol Eddy, LMFT
Xiomara Romero, LMFT
Two Decades of Service
We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of providing exceptional psychological services for cancer patients, their families and caregivers.

What makes the difference for our clients? The compassionate, professional and nurturing care given by our licensed professional therapists. Services are offered in both English and Spanish, FREE of charge, and for as long as the client needs them. Our therapists see clients in our offices, their home, the hospital, and through telehealth. Cancer is an individual experience - we offer personalized individual counseling. Because cancer affects the whole family, we help the spouse, significant other, children and caregivers. Everyone needs to be healthy to provide support and get a positive outcome.

Having cancer is like living in two worlds. The cancer world, and the rest of your life. Most of us know, have known, or will know, someone touched by the disease. There is no simple solution for the cancer patient. It is more than just diagnosis, treatment and then recovery or loss. The psychology of cancer has been shown to have a tremendous impact on the patient's treatment and health outcomes. We address this aspect of the disease, since the side effects of cancer can persist long after the treatments are completed. 

Our licensed therapists assist patients/clients with the organization of their life by setting realistic expectations, developing coping skills and developing strategies for living during the many stages cancer can manifest. When needed, we also assist with end of life loss and grief processing.  

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