Get to know your Cousins...
Do you have a large, spread out family that you want to get to know better?

Have children who want to practice a second language with their Cousins in another country? Or learn what life is like for them?

From Travel Clubs to Pen Pals, Mailing Lists to Facebook - our articles have it covered.
Your Cousins Explained...
Ever wonder what the difference between a 1st and 2nd Cousin is? Or what type of Cousin your Great Grand Aunts children are? Learn More
Tell Your Family Story
Close up of female and male hands protecting a paper chain family. Top view of two hands form a circle around white paper chain family on wooden table. Family care, insurance and helping hand concept.
Have you ever wondered how family members ended up in the countries they live in? Who fought in World War II and what their experience was? Do you have any family members impacted by major world events, such as the holocaust, and want to share their experiences with you? Learn More
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Making a big world smaller 1 family at a time. Learn more