October 2018 🎃

We are excited to announce our proud partnership with Intuitive, Inc as we continue to bring you the latest in Recycling Technology.

The most effective recycling programs are the ones that are user friendly and help people do the right thing. That's why OSCAR KNOWS BEST.

Using AI, Oscar makes real-time predictions so you are never confused about where that cup of coffee belongs.

Stop by CleanRiver booth #1569 to meet OSCAR the AI zero waste at Greenbuild 2018! in Chicago, IL November 14-16th.

Get Your Free Greenbuild Expo Passes Here. We hope to see you there!!

With fall festivities in full swing, we've got you covered from Eco-friendly tips for a sustainable Halloween, to simple steps to start an organic compost program at your local school.

And don't miss CEO Bruce Buchan's October NWAM: Why Recycling Program's Don't Have to Be Scary.

Just Keep Scrolling & Stay Green :)

The CleanRiver Team
Did you know that CleanRiver has an entire team of resident experts in zero waste policies and values who can lead your organization through implementing effective zero waste recycling programs and the TRUE zero waste certification process?
If your school or campus has yet to start collecting organics, adding a compost stream to your recycling program is an easy way to increase your waste diversion and be more environmentally friendly. Here are some key steps to help get an organic compost program started at your school.
Recycled News

The most ideal farms would have their own power source and a recycled watering system. Small farmers are the natural providers for dispensaries. Think of it as the 100 Mile Cannabis Diet .

Each Halloween, an estimated $40 per capita is spent on candy, decorations and greeting cards, all of which produce large amounts of waste. Here are some eco-friendly tips to make this Halloween a little less crushing for the planet and your wallet.

CleanRiver News & Events
CleanRiver attended AASHE 2018 in Pittsburgh and we couldn't be more impressed with the success of this year's conference.

We hosted the first ever CleanRiver "Bin Bash" for our VIP guests and we had a blast chatting about sustainability, the future of recycling and listening to your challenges. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by for a drink and share in the conversation.

In case you missed CleanRiver CEO & Founder Bruce Buchan's presentation on "Recycling & Waste Bin Infrastructure" don't worry! Bruce is hosting his 3rd FREE webinar in December 2018: How To Conduct A Waste Audit.
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