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New Videos Promoting the Whole Grain Stamp Program
The Whole Grains Council is developing videos to promote the Whole Grain Stamp program. Already, 83% of consumers tell us they trust the Whole Grain Stamp, and we're looking to strengthen the brand and visibility of the Whole Grain Stamp even more in the coming year.
Participate in the Stamp Program Videos
Let us feature your company's involvement in the Stamp Program! We are asking members to record a short clip to be considered for inclusion in our Stamp Program videos. Please let us know if you're interested. It's easy to participate, and we'll guide you step-by-step through the process. We're looking for member companies of any size, based in any part of the world to join us.
Tracking Whole Grain Trends
How has the popularity of particular grains increased over the past several years? How has use and prevalence of the Whole Grain Stamp changed over time? Our blog reveals what we found as we dug into our Stamped Product Database.
Stay tuned for the results of our 2021 Consumer Insights Survey—we'll release the findings in June!
Update Your Product Spreadsheet
When products get discontinued or reformulated, it's important to update your WGC product spreadsheet. It's easy to download your product list, mark products that you would like removed, and email it back to us. For products that have been reformulated, submit a new Product Registration Form and indicate that it's replacing a previously approved product.
Participate in the Mediterranean Diet Challenge During May!
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