Cooking with Sea Greens
presented by 
Chef Barton Seavers                                                    Dr. Nichole Price    

Join W20 to attend on Tuesday Oct. 18th!
Momentous Occasion in Atlantic Conservation 

Thank you, President Obama! The wave of ocean protection that started in Hawaii hit the Atlantic this month. The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts are now a designated marine national monument! W2O members acted to help create a sanctuary for marine treasures for years to come. Good for us, good for our oceans. 
Heart of Hope:
 A Quest to Save Our Seas
Liz Cunningham with Turtle

Celebrate our ocean success at our big Spring event on May 17th with Author Liz Cunningham. Get inspired by her book Ocean Country and hear how one woman found hope in the majesty of our seas.

Vote with our Oceans in Mind
Our oceans don't get a vote, but you do.
Make sure you're registered so you don't miss out.
Good for us, good for our oceans.

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Volume I, Issue IV, October 2016