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This February We Focus On...

American Heart

In honor of American Heart Month, we're bringing in an expert!
Heart Sound Recorder (HSR)
Dr. Neale paired up with an expert to offer you a unique tool and nutritional measure. This tool is especially helpful for those who are affected by cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, elevated cholesterol and atrial fibrillation, but it is also useful for those who are curious if they have nutrient deficiencies that could be contributing to their overall symptom picture. Heart Sound Recording isn't new science, but it is making its debut! This technology uses acoustic cardiographs to determine nutrient deficiencies that are underlying your disease process. When it comes down to it - most disease is related to nutrient deficiencies. 

When can you get screened? 
Feb 27th at nuHealth Clinic.
Time commitment for the screen is 15 mins. Screening opportunities are quarterly. 
The cost not only includes the evaluation but also the interpretation and recommendations!
Just $150

Limited spots available, so book now! Give us a call to learn more or schedule your nutritional screen at 360-836-5730!

Learn more on our website

dr. neale's blog: supplement review
I get it. Really, I do. You may have been drawn in by the label and advertising. Claims of ORGANIC and 100% NATURAL does grab the eye. Or if Oprah or Dr. Oz showcase a product, forget about it, it gains some roots! A patient will ask "my opinion" on a product, "what's your take on "fill in blank product?"  Well...
My immediate bias is that the product is probably "no good." My bias is that it probably contains fillers, binders, synthetic vitamins, chemicals, in-active, non-absorbable, or incomplete forms of nutrients. It probably isn't tested rigorously for reproducibility or constituent quality, or materials added aren't acquired from a responsible, sustainable, certified source. 
My ND-ness kicks in, too and I think that a product like this is born from a compilation of evidence-based constituents in isolated form. Then these isolated constituents are jam packed into one supplement to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the body to deliver "proven" results without actually taking the individual patient's nutritional needs or digestive capacity or overall case into consideration. A one size fits all approach. 
See how this supplement eval shakes out! Read the rest of the rant  on our website!

nuPatient Spotlight: Tom

Broken Gut - Broken Brain 

Approaching Dr Neale's office for an initial visit, struggling with brain fog and besieged with doubts and trepidations as I reviewed the litany of past medical professionals of all stripes that could not pierce this impenetrable armor that has me imprisoned in this cell of ill health. The inner threads of my life were becoming so frayed against the chinked armor in that I was on the edge of the precipice of losing my sense of identity and purpose.

Shuffling into her office, some would say Dead-Man-Walking; I encounter a delightful professional woman who maintains a natural nuance mannerism with an approach to a natural nuance of treatment. I quickly realized that she is not as much caught up in the process, as much as she, listening with the ear of her heart, is involved personally with the individual, beyond the corporal dimension, as she examines their affliction through the portal of respect as through treating the patient with dignity. From that touchstone moment forward, she has put me on a complete new path of restoring health through applications of the tenets of natural law while disengaging the armor, appointment after appointment. 

We have worked hand in hand with my long affliction historicity and in reciprocity she works, even out to the outer peripherals of her deep treasure chest knowledge base. There delving into the galaxies of cellular health in investigating the root cause of my digestive dysbiosis. This dysbiosis affects the gut-brain connection that is causing dysfunctional brain manifestations of broken brain that displays those dysfunctions in its array of a multitude of characteristics of ill symptoms throughout the body. I know of no other health practitioner that would work with someone in such a deep venture for the natural goal of ultimate health; it has been a growing experience. I know I do not stand alone in saying, "Thanks Doctor Neale!"

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