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Joseph Joseph Brush-Up

This neat gadget has a suction cup at the base which adheres to the bottom of your sink thus creating a sturdy dish scrubber.

Great for stemware. Neat!

Joseph Joseph BladeBrush

Don't be shy to clean your knife's razor edge. Clean your knives safely with this innovative washing-up brush. The wrap-around design lets you clean both sides of your cutlery at once while keeping your fingers away from sharp edges.

Joseph Joseph Trivet

Here's a trivet made of silicone that stretches out to accommodate a large casserole or two smaller dishes. Shrink it back for compact storage. These trivets are available in black, lime green and pink. Get them while they're hot!

Good Grips OXO Hand-Held Spiralizer

Eat more veggies! The Good Grips OXO Hand Spiralizer turns vegetables into something different. FUN!

Spiralizer tip: If you don't want long never-ending spaghetti noodles start with a vegetable that has been scored length-wise halfway through.

Lampe Berger Trio Limited Edition

Have you tried any of the new Lampe Berger fragrances for 2016?

This limited edition trio pack is a great way to get a sampling of the newest scents from Lampe Berger.

(Regular $24.00)
The Garlic Twist

One of our tried and true kitchen gadgets.

Minces garlic, capers, ginger and hot peppers as fine or as coarse as you like.

Easy clean up under running water.

SpreadTHAT! II

The chill is in the air. The butter is so hard it tears the bread!
SpreadTHAT! II butter knife uses the warmth of your body temperature to heat the knife blade thus making butter spreadable. Ah-may-zing.


Rice Cube

Make sushi square. Such a nifty idea. Don't forget to think outside the box: Make square fishcakes, square meatballs or anything else you can imagine compressing together.
Rice Cube Pettit Fours How to:
Crumble a loaf cake (homemade or store bought) to resemble dried beans. Mix in a cup of pudding to moisten. Press 1-2 tablespoons into Rice Cube until mixture is all gone. Dip finished pettit fours into melted chocolate or dust with icing sugar.


Dreamfarm Tapi

Create a fun and convenient drink fountain from your tap by simply squeezing your Tapi. Water-safe rubber will never affect or change the taste of your water. No more grimy cups on the bathroom counter.


Chef'n Zeelpeel

I love oranges and other citrus fruits but I really don't love peeling them.

Use the Chef'n Zeelpeel to peel oranges quickly with less mess!
  • Peels oranges in three easy steps
  • Keeps fingernails odor free
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
Chef'n Palmpeeler

Hold the peeler comfortably on your ring finger, left or right-handed, and peel potatoes, carrots and more until your heart's content.

It even has a convenient potato eyer at the tip.

Chef'n Kale Stripper

Strip the good green stuff away from the woody stems in seconds using the Chef'n Kale Stripper.

Helping you eat healthier and make food tastier.

Brown Sugar Disc

The Brown Sugar Disc keeps brown sugar soft and it is also known for restoring rock hard brown sugar to its original state.

Simply soak the clay disk in water, pat dry and place with the brown sugar.

Wait and see. It works!

Rainbow Scrubby ~ World's Best Pot Scrubber
If we were to run out of these babies we'd have many upset customers. Once you've tried one you'll be hooked on the World's Best Pot Scrubber, made in Poland.

Every stocking needs one.

We are open late this week to make Christmas shopping easier for you.

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