Rehearsals are going great for Windmore's StageWorks' encore performances of The Emerald Heist, written by Israel Allen and directed by Jessy Mahr.

We are excited to reintroduce the cast to you!
- Conductor - Robert Kieffer
- James - Wyatt Clatterbaugh
- Lucy - Anneliese Mabie
- Mrs. Winston - Fran Cecere
- Thief - Amanda Reck
- Curator - Angie Kouwenhoven
- Marshal - Harry Davis
- Jeweler - Vickie Walbroehl

Tickets are on sale now for...
Saturday, August 14th at 5 PM
Sunday, August 15th at 1 PM
The Sangria Bowl

Help us catch a thief at The Sangria Bowl!
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