In our teaching series last month, we learned about the importance of meeting with people around our tables. As small group leaders, you have the opportunity to lead the charge and set an example. A few of our small groups have made getting around the table a priority this summer by setting aside the last meeting of the month for a small group dinner or starting a "small group supper club" and hosting a potluck each week!

Maybe the thought of putting a large meal together yourself sounds intimidating and difficult to pull off, so here are some helpful tips on getting your small group around the table:
Do you have someone in your group who loves to plan things and is organized? Ask them to step up and plan a gathering! This will also give them a new leadership experience.
Pick a Theme
When you add a theme to your meal, it just makes it more fun! Maybe you can have a "comfort food" night, when each person or couple brings a comforting or nostalgic dish. Have everyone share about their dish while eating around the table. You could also do a grill night; everyone can bring something to grill or a side to go along with the meal.
Get Everyone Involved
There are a lot of ways to make sure this gathering does not only fall on one person. Have your delegated person make a list of everything you'll need for the meal, and ask people pick what they want to bring. Make sure to have some store-bought items on the list for those who have a busy schedule.
Be Sensitive to Dietary Preferences
Make sure to ask everyone in an email about dietary restrictions, because you want everyone to partake in the meal!
Summer is a great opportunity to break your routine as a small group and get around the table together. Once we have brought the experience of being around the table with friends and family back into our routine, I believe we will be better positioned to reach out to those who are not in our close circles. Our neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and friends will soon find themselves at our (and our small group members') tables, too!
Leadership Training: Practice Gospel Hospitality
Login to your RightNow Media account to access  a 15-minute video and training  from a uthors Rosaria Butterfield,Kathleen Nielson, and Gloria Furman.  One way we can communicate the love of Christ to those who don't know him is through friendship, listening, and opening up our homes. You'll be encouraged - and will be equipped to encourage your small group members - to be welcoming to believers and unbelievers alike through biblical hospitality.
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