Get ready to jump back on that bike
-or into your hiking shoes- and go explore!
There is light at the end of the tunnel
We're not out of the tunnel yet, but we can see the light. Getting back into travel will be like riding a bike - you never really forgot how; you just need a push to get going. We've got that gentle nudge - or big 'ol boost - when you need it. Now is a great time to start dreamin' about the possibilities, so read on for some inspiration and join us outside.

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September 5 - November 3, 2021
Don't miss the early bird pricing for this first-of-its-kind tour! From Maine to Key West we follow a safe journey on a combination of paved bike paths, bike lanes, backroads and unpaved path sections through the country's most populated corridor. Experience our country like few ever do.
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The Cascade Range's highest peak dominates the landscape of the Northwest and has an allure that can draw a hiker to its glaciated bulge. The National Park surrounds the peak and provides countless trails on all sides to explore below the snow line. Our hikes through the meadows of spring flowers, onto ridges in the shadow of the summit, and along tumbling streams of melting snow will bring you a perspective of this massif you cannot find from a car. We stay in two alpine lodges, both with recent upgrades, that offer hiking right outside the door. The hiking is somewhat moderate and appropriate for all levels.
Fabulous Tours from Border to Border

Experience these east coast barrier islands after the sea breezes have warmed, but the summer crowds have yet to arrive. We cycle along pristine beaches, past rich salt marshes, through seaside villages and into National Monuments, Seashores and Wildlife Refuges.

This west coast National Seashore offers rocky coastlines and rugged towering headlands along the Pacific. Our hikes will explore not only vast white sand beaches and crashing surf, but will also venture inland to pass through lush fir forests, streams that carve through the rugged terrain, rolling pastures and rich grasslands. It is all accessed from a single bayside resort.

From our northern border in Washington State, we can access some of the Canadian Rockies' most striking mountain ranges. On roads with little traffic, we follow the mighty Kootenay and Columbia Rivers paths, cross the Selkirk and Kootenay Mountains, visit hot springs and wineries, and bike through ski resorts and summer lakeside escapes.

Our southern border stays warm year round, and comes ablaze with cacti blooms in the spring. It is the perfect time to visit this especially remote national park, where you can wade in the Rio Grande, amble through the Chihuahua Desert flowers, and hike high into the Chisos Mountains. There will be few others on the trails, and our overnights include both the in-park lodge, and a stay in a true ghost town.
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