Verona Public Schools
Welcomes Our Students Back
It just wasn't the same without you! Our schools are vibrant places for teaching and learning. It was a great opening to school this week for our students and staff. It's back to school time and the focus is on kids. Be sure to get your school supplies, organize those backpacks, and get ready for a great school year!
What's so special about Verona Public Schools? The people.
Our Laning students sure are excited to be back with their friends and teachers.
Welcome Back to School! Our Forest Avenue School students striking a pose are ready to get started.
Happy teachers make for happy students! Mrs. Cirigliano starting off the first day with her positive smile and nurturing spirit in first grade at Brookdale Avenue School. Let's get this started. Get ready for a great year!
One of our Values and a Class Rule ... always be kind! It's not always easy, but it's always important.
We had a fantastic first day with our students today! Thank you to the Peer Leaders for welcoming our Class of 2022 students. #WeAreVerona
HBW working together on presenting. This just got real.
Mr. Chierici and Mrs. Moon waste no time in getting our students to reflect with a writing activity on their summer experiences.
Mrs. Force providing feedback on a writing assignment at F.N. Brown. Did you know Mrs. Force is starting her 42nd year? Congratulations Mrs. Force!
Our students know what it takes to be your very best self! #Perseverance
Dr. Meyer, English teacher extraordinaire, and our Verona High School students on their first day back.
Verona High School Named Top High School We remain steadfast in our belief that all students can achieve at a high level and maximize their individual potential. To become a model school district, one that excels in every category, we must dedicate ourselves to educating the whole child. All of our success, including this recognition as one of the best high schools in New Jersey, is the result of the collective efforts of all of our staff Pre-K through grade 12. Our accomplishments are the fruits of our labor, the dedication of our staff, beginning at the elementary level, progressing through critical transition years in our middle school, and culminating in high school with the commitment and effort of our Verona High School staff. We have much to be proud of. Read More
The Verona Public Schools Magazine 2018 Edition is the second annual celebration of a focused endeavor to convey the progress of our collective efforts in our district’s strategic plan. The goal of this publication is to showcase where and how the district is moving forward and recognize the efforts of all involved; to reset ourselves to the next level of a standard so we constantly see the logical next steps to pursue; and to keep us grounded in the commitment to our community through our strategic plan. We hope you enjoy reading what makes the Verona Public Schools so very special. Read more