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July 13, 2016
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Why Use Three-Piece Ball Valves?
Each ball valve design (one-piece, two-piece, three-piece) provides it's own unique advantages, but the specific benefit of a three-piece design provides the ability to service the center section of the valve without disturbing either end connection.
Three-piece valves are made by bolting three parts together: two end caps and a center body section. The center section holds all valve internals, and has a bottom loaded blowout proof stem. The two end caps are secured to the center section with cap screws or studs and nuts. 
In addition to servicing the valve, other advantages of the three-piece design typically include:
  • Better flow conditions than one- or two-piece designs.
  • The ability to choose standard-port or full-port design.
  • Connection options include socket weld, extended weld, threaded, solder, or press-fit with UltraPress® connections.
  • Extended weld ends can be welded to the pipe line with high heat and will not damage seats or other internal parts.
Milwaukee Valve's line of three-piece ball valves include bronze,
UltraPure® low-lead, stainless steel and carbon steel materials of construction. For information on the size range, pressure ratings and specifications, and approvals for Milwaukee valve's complete three-piece line, visit 

"Trust, dependibility, and quality are the reasons we are loyal to Milwaukee Valve products."
Paul Taylor - TRO JB

n addition to Press End ball valves, Milwaukee Valve is now offering Press Ends on bronze gate, globe, and check valves.

Ask your customer service rep about our Press End options today!
V isit our website for complete product details and information.

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