The People that Shape Us
One legacy shaping another

It is fitting that we continue taking steps to double our capacity as we celebrate the legacy of Frances Thaxton Ash this year. It was 20 years ago that Frances passed away and left her estate with the directive to help end homelessness for families in New Mexico.

Her gift not only started Saranam, two decades later it ensures that we can still dedicate the majority of our resources directly to families. The stability her gift allows us has been instrumental in the visioning work we have done since 2015 to expand the work she started.

Did you know...
  • $.98 of every dollar you give goes to programming because the Frances Thaxton Ash endowment covers the majority of the cost of our fundraising.
  • Many corporate and foundation partners prefer organizations to be stable with 6 months of cash in reserves to approve funding for expansion projects.
  • Frances's gift means that we can focus on making sound, stable plans for our future and STILL make sure that every dollar you give goes far.
Francis’s legacy is helping you give yours.

Next month, look for more about Frances's life, legacy, and the impact she continues to have on the community she held dear.
Happy Anniversary!

If you have been into the Saranam offices anytime in the last few years, chances are you were greeted with an enthusiastic, warm welcome from our Administrative Coordinator, Olga. This month we are celebrating Olga's 5 year anniversary with Saranam!

From accepting donations, coordinating mail, and a million other tasks, Olga is the behind the scenes guru who keeps all of our work organized and flowing smoothly.

"Olga’s attention to detail and her breadth of knowledge help keep our organization moving forward. In addition, Olga is one of the most kind and enthusiastic colleagues I’ve ever known."
- Saranam staff member

Did you know that Olga came to Saranam as a member of the Intel Encore Program? We're so grateful she loved us so much to join us as a staff member.

Happy anniversary, Olga! We love you!
Next Steps Forward
Welcome aboard!

We are thrilled to welcome two new members to our Board of Directors!

Vera Olson is a long-time volunteer, decorator and friend of Saranam. After growing up with few resources but a supportive community rich in love, Vera went on to become a civil engineer and later, a teacher. Her belief in the power of education and community inspire her work at Saranam.

Yudima Valdes is a former parent at Saranam. Originally from Cuba, Yudima worked as a nurse in many capacities before moving to the United States and joining Saranam. Her time in the program changed her life and she is excited to use her experience to inform her work on the Board. She is currently a charge nurse, specializing in memory and palliative care.

Please join us in welcoming these amazing new members to our Board of Directors!
Eyes on the prize

Setting goals is a key part of each family's success at Saranam. One of the ways families do this is by crafting vision boards.

What are these? Simply put, they are a collage of images and affirmations that provide inspiration. They're not just pretty, either. Putting them down on paper keeps us on track and motivated.

One of the culminating events of our orientation is the presentation of these beautiful creations. The boards families made this year were filled with inspiring images and mantras to ground themselves in their dreams:
To find more balance in their lives
To create sense of calm in their home
To work together to protest injustices

Looking for some inspiration yourself? Here are some tips to make your very own board. Happy visioning!
Thank you to our grant partners
We are so grateful to the grantors who support our work. From supporting special projects like a children's garden to helping fund the nuts and bolts of our program, our work couldn't be done without their belief in the potential of our families.

We recognize these partners who generously contributed to Saranam this month. Thank you!

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