Getting Growth Groups Online
One area of Bible study that has expanded in recent years is small group Bible studies, sometimes called Growth Groups. Although this approach may not work in every situation, it may be quite helpful in some. An alternative to meeting face-to-face for Bible study is to hold a study virtually through an online group service, such as Facebook Groups. In this issue, Pastor Dan Schroeder shows us what an online Growth Group looks like.

Pastor Dan Schroeder serves as pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Modesto, California. He previously served in Jackson, Wisconsin; Chula Vista, California; and as Bible Study Editor at Northwestern Publishing House.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
Bible Class Attendance

Every Bible study leader would like to see more souls studying the Word together in a Bible study. What are the reasons why more people don’t attend? This thesis by Aaron Platzer lays out the importance of adult Bible study, walks through some of the relevant numbers found in the thesis survey and the 2017 WELS Statistical Report, and spends time explaining possible factors that contribute to low adult Bible class attendance within WELS.

Teaching Toolbox
Meaningful and Measurable Outcomes

What do you want your learners to take home with them from their Bible study lesson? What is the outcome you aim for as you and your learners handle the Word of truth? It can be useful to have meaningful learning objectives to help us write excellent Bible studies. Dr. Vicki Caruana's article gives suggestions as to how to craft learning objectives. Although written from a secular perspective, there are valuable points to be gleaned.

Curriculum Connection
Reformation and Martin Luther

Fall can be a great time to schedule a three- to eight-week study of Reformation history and Martin Luther as part of your Bible study curriculum. Here are a few suggestions to help you start planning.

The first three studies listed below can be adapted to various schedules. The fourth study is a four-week study of Luther’s life.

Teaching Tip
Showing Excitement Through Movement

Moving around the room in three-dimensional space is something that a flat image on a screen can never achieve. The enthusiasm and energy of a teacher who is moving around to be close to the students send a clear message: “This is great material that is worth learning.”
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