Getting Into Your Customers' Heads:
How to Get Your Message Heard 

We have been teaching marketing to the entrepreneurs at Chicago's tech incubator, 1871, since its inception six years ago. Last week we had fun teaching a positioning workshop there to another great group of founders. It's always exciting to help fledgling entrepreneurs learn how to use this critical tool for developing powerful customer messages! 
One of the key positioning components we talk about a lot during any positioning workshop is the importance of understanding and interpreting a customer's unmet need, and then finding the right words to accurately describe that need. Not surprisingly, doing this well requires thinking like your customer. 
While some people do this better than others, everyone can learn ways to better relate to their customers' experiences. To that end, in this issue, we've pulled together some of our favorite resources to help you get inside your customers' heads. There's an article on brain research, along with book recommendations and videos of two of our favorite lessons from the startup world featuring Stylisted and Kids Science Labs.
Overcoming "Not For Me" With Your Marketing Messaging

We're bombarded with dozens, if not hundreds, of messages every single day. To make your marketing messages stand out, it's helpful to understand the phenomenon of Decision Fatigue. Read our blog post and John Tierny's great New York Times article on overcoming Decision Fatigue. 

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So You Want to Know More About Your Customers

One of our clients wanted to understand more about consumer behavior and human nature, in general. So we put together a reading list of some of our favorite books to help her (and you) dive in.

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Video - Strategic Execution

Use what you know, or can infer, about your customers' behaviors to help you make better marketing decisions. Check out this quick 90-second video for ideas on getting more precise with your marketing tactics.

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Video - Making Your Customers' Lives Easier

Most companies say they excel at saving their clients time, but are all of your touchpoints really demonstrating that you understand how to help
them do that?

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