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November is upon us and that means getting ready for the holiday season. We have been fairly lucky in the weather department and it's been a warm and colourful fall. Cottages have been closed, boats put away and sandals and summer dresses exchanged for sweaters, boots and gloves. There is some excitement in the air... a tingling feeling of anticipation as we start to see our breath in the air and shuffle through crunchy leaves that have fallen. Mugs of hot coffee, cider and hot chocolate warm up frosty fingers. Skiing, skating and snowmobiling replace sailing hiking and biking. Hockey players are cheered on and we are once again following the Raptors as they defend their NBA championship title. Curling is big in Canada and we will soon be treated to championship play right here in Kingston. Welcome to winter in Canada. For some of people it will be your first winter here. It may even be the first time you have seen snow or felt the cold crisp winter air. For the rest of us we are winter pros. We don't let a little chill in the air or several centimetres of the white stuff stand in our way of a good time! This time of the year we are also starting to think about holiday shopping and gift giving. More than ever it's important to have your hard earned dollars means something. Most people are wanting to share a gift that has deeper meaning than a gift card. We love people who want to buy their family or friends something unique and special because that's truly what we are all about here. When you buy a gift from Cornerstone you are buying a piece of Canada. An artist or craftsperson has spent hours and laboured over their work. There are hours of trial and error until they get it just right. There are sometimes even tears that go into it when a version gets scrapped, or a piece of pottery breaks in a kiln while firing. The gift you buy here helps artists support their communities in Canada. It's truly a lovely thing when you think about it. We have something for everyone here and at price points anyone can afford. I think it's a great time to start young people with art appreciation by starting them with a piece of art or craft. It can be the beginning of a life long collection of a type of work or set them on their own artistic, creative path lighting the imagination of the future artist. We hope that you think of us when you bring out your holiday shopping list. We will try our very best to help you make the perfect selection and package it up beautifully so you don't have to worry about that either. We look forward to helping you make your holiday shopping easy and fun!
From our heart to yours,
Penny & the staff at Cornerstone
ZIA piece
Featured Local Artist - Linda Samuels of
Ellesse Fine Art
Linda Samuels is a local artist
Lest We Forget... Remembrance Day November 11
Civic Ceremony – Cross Of Sacrifice
The City's Remembrance Day civic ceremony takes place at the Cross of Sacrifice Cenotaph on King Street at the foot of George Street on Monday, Nov. 11. Starting a 9:15 a.m., wreaths will be laid ahead of the ceremony by community groups, and by veteran and military groups starting at 10:15 a.m. 
The bilingual civic service will take place from 10:45 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. Spectators should be in place by 10:40 a.m. to see the parade march on ahead of the service. An ASL Interpreter will be present during the civic ceremony. There will be seating for veterans and people with disabilities. The public is invited to watch the laying of the wreaths before the service.
Santa Parade
The Santa Parade is the official kick off to the holiday season (Eventhough we know you have already been scouting and shopping!)
The parade is on November 16, 2019 and begins at 5:00 PM. We will have our holiday window dressed for the parade so come by and check it out!

(PS this time of year our motto is if you see it and like it.... BUY IT! One of a kind things are just that so don't be disappointed!)
Festive Friday
Festive Friday is happening on Friday November 29. All the participating stores will remain open until 9:00 PM. Oh What fun it is........
Zentangle Classes
Fun times at the recent Zentangle Class. New classes will be coming up so keep an eye out! If you have a few friends and want to organize a private class we can do that to! Just call the store at 613-546-7967 and we can work out the details.

Last Month was Inktober! All over the world, people were celebrating this month using their favourite medium. For us Zentangle people it was obviously Tangling! Some people tangled daily and some of us did a little of both! It was challenging to do a tangle each day but fun to sit down at the end of the day and do some art! If you want to join our FB group please click the link below. We accept beginners as well so please send us your tangles! I also put them up on our FB page & they sometimes make it to Instagram too!

We have just started the group so that we can get together, people who like Zentangle here in Kingston. Join, Post & Share. We are working with coming up with a schedule where we can meet monthly at a the store to tangle and share ideas. We are working on Inktober, a tangle a day for a month! Feel free to join in as the list of tangles is posted. We are open to ideas and just looking for a fun, relaxing way to hang out and do some Zentangle!
Attractions Ontario
In Case You Didn't Know........

With your help we DID IT!!! Thank you to all who took the time to vote for us because ewe WON!!!! This is quite an honour for us and we are happy to share this with Kingston. We are hoping more people will come to the downtown so they can see for themselves how amazing we all are here. We are so grateful for all the support!

Thank You!
Marissa Sweet Class
Landscape: Adventures in Expressive Acrylic Workshop
The Class with Marissa Sweet happened on Saturday November 2 was a success!! 4 lovely ladies tried their hand at painting this lovely piece with great success. Fun was had by all! Big thanks to Marissa for coming all the way from Oshawa to teach the class and big thanks to Score Pizza for efficiently making 7 pizzas for the hungry class (and Lisa & I of course!)
Speaking of Marissa Sweet...
Not only did she teach a class (it WAS awesome as I was lurking about trying to listen while I was "working".... BUT she also brought a few new pieces to grace our walls!
New Work from.....
Karen Richardson!!!!! Karen dropped by on Saturday for a visit and to liven up our walls with some new pieces. Karen is an AMAZING watercolor artist (and lovely person) whose work is sooooo... lifelike! Stop by and choose a piece for your home or as a gift for someone VERY special!
Writsty Business....
Mod Atout Express
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Great Pumpkin Search. We had 30 people come out and some had NEVER been to Cornerstone! (Can you imagine???) The gift basket was worth over $400.00 Congrats to the lucky winner!
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