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March 2018
Payroll is probably the most complex element of small business accounting. Not only are you directly responsible to your employees, but you also have to make sure you're handling everything related to benefits and payroll taxes correctly.
Whether you're switching from a manual system to QuickBooks Online, or you've just hired your first employee, you'll soon discover that QBO can make your payroll-related tasks much more organized and accurate - speeding up the process tremendously.
Before you start your first payroll run, you have a lot of setup work to get ready. Be sure to leave yourself time before those first paychecks are expected. This is not meant to be a payroll tutorial; we just want you to Learn more about how QBO handles it.

QB Bob's helpful links and Training:
Bill & Pay -  Free Trial:  I mproves cash flow, automates collections and reduces A/R time and costs.
QBox Free Trial - Share your QB or other files without remote access.

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Same Day Direct Deposit for QBO Full Service Payroll (QBFSP)
The latest offering from QuickBooks Payroll speeds up the time to pay employees even more! Same Day Direct Deposit allows small business customers to approve their direct deposit by 7 AM PT the day of payday.
  • Pay your employees faster with FREE same day direct deposit.
  • Submit payroll up to 7 AM (PT) the day of payday.
  • No additional charge for same day service!
Not using QBFSP? Call us at 256-337-5200 for more information and pricing!

QBO in the Cloud! Call us to receive 50% off for your 1st Yr!
(Simple Start:  $7.50, Essentials: $17.50, and Plus $25)
                        Work online wherever you want.

No need to sync to other devices.

No need to pass files back & forth.

It's safe and secure.    


Call SBS today at 256-337-5200 for more details!
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