Denali Rods Newsletter - January 2018

If cold weather has you trapped inside, it is a great time to start prepping for your 2018 season.  Our staffers are getting their gear ready.
Staffer Justin Berry is getting " Prymed "(link) for his upcoming crappie season...

Michael Neal's Recommendations for High School & College Anglers This Season

We recently caught up with Denali Rods Pro Michael Neal who gave us a few quick tips on getting your rods ready for the new season.  

"The first thing I do is take a Q-Tip cotton swab and run it through all of the guides to check for any cracks or rough spots that may fray my line. While I'm doing that, I check the tip of the rod to make sure it is properly aligned and still secure" Michael points out.

"Next, I move down the rod looking for any small cracks or nicks in the blank that might compromise it. Then, I finish the inspection off by making sure the reel seat is in good shape and tightens up like it should. Those are some very simple things that everyone can do to make sure your rods are in great shape for the season" said Neal.

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