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More Good News for Equine Welfare...
You did it! You helped us raise $25,000 for the equine victims of Hurricane Harvey!
These photos merely represent the equine victims of flooding from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Thanks to our generous donors, we're happy to report that we reached our goal of $25,000 to be used as a matching grant for the United States Equestrian Federation's Equine Disaster Relief Fund!

Now, sadly, we have to ask once again - this time on behalf of the equine victims of Hurricane Irma.

This money will also go to the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund to be disbursed among front-line equine emergency response groups and rescuers to help these animals.
100% of your tax-deductible donations will go to the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

Let's keep doing something good, together!
Special thanks to our corporate partner, Absorbine,
for the extra boost to our Texas Disaster campaign!
"How I learned to love horses and donkeys"..."
Justice Nnyigide attended a Brooke workshop in Senegal. He said, "It didn't just teach me a great deal about horses and donkeys, it taught me to love them. I used to entertain a certain dread of horses... Then I took part in a five-day animal welfare and handling workshop run by Brooke UK animal welfare specialists, who came to Senegal purposely to build our knowledge and skills in equine welfare. It was a turning point in my life."
Brooke USA has funded many equine welfare
programs in Senegal, through Brooke
A Visible Difference, Thanks to Brooke USA Donors
While there is always much work for Brooke to do in Ethiopia, it's clear that a difference is being made.

Many owners of gharry (taxi) horses now understand the importance of good hoof care and are seeing farriers more frequently. Many now rest, feed, and water their animals at the end of the day.

Thanks to our donors, our colleagues at Brooke Ethiopia are seeing better stabling, grooming, and husbandry. Wound treatment and the provision of shade and shelter have all progressed and owners are more likely to visit a vet if there are problems.

Tamrat Abera, a Brooke-trained farrier in Ethiopia, said, "Things have changed due to the farriery and welfare training I got from Brooke. I give advice to my customers on protecting the health and welfare of their horses. I see a big improvement and want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Brooke Ethiopia."
Brooke USA Donors are Helping to Reduce Injuries Caused
by Hobbling in Senegal

Wounds and injuries caused by hobbling and tethering equines are no longer as common in Sokone, Senegal.
This horse in Senegal is struggling with the type of hobbling frequently used in developing countries.
To improve welfare, Brooke West Africa advocates the use of head collars to safely secure horses, donkeys or mules.
However, head collars can unfortunately be difficult to acquire and expensive for poor owners to purchase, and therefore unsustainable.

Brooke USA donors made it possible for Brooke and partner UGAN to design a head collar that can be made easily out of a single piece of fluorescent rope; something which is readily available and cheap to buy in Senegal.

Now around Sokone, through this project, many animals can be seen wearing these head collars of Brooke’s design. 
This donkey will help equine victims of Hurricane Irma!

This adorable 16 x 24 donkey is printed on canvas and wrapped on a wooden frame, ready for hanging.

Please email us with your highest bid, and 100% of the bid price from the winning bidder will go to support our hurricane relief fund!

Minimum bid is $150 (includes shipping).

Just click the button below and write "donkey print" in the subject line.

(c) Ben Heine Photography
With proper care, working animals can live long, productive, healthy, happy lives.
To do so, Brooke recommends a range of welfare essentials that horses, donkeys, and mules are entitled to, regardless of country or work type:

A healthy diet
Water to drink
Comfortable shelter
Space to behave naturally
Correct handling and equipment
Good healthcare
Why Brooke's Homework is So Important
Brooke places great importance on its scientific research and on ensuring that the best methods for improving equine welfare are tailored to the animals in each community - no "cookie cutter" solutions or programs are acceptable. Sustainability is also paramount.

For example, Brooke has recently started working in Zacapa, a new area for Brooke in Guatemala. Initial equine welfare assessments showed that many of the animals are thin, so Brooke's team suspected that this may be due to the animals having worms. The quick and easy response would have been to de-worm all of the animals in the community.

Brooke carried out a study of fecal samples from a range of equines in Zacapa. The results of this showed that the majority of animals did not have worms.

Thanks to Brooke USA donors, Brooke is now working with owners to promote different feeding practices and pasture management to improve the welfare of their animals for this generation and the next. 
Again this year, the annual Donkey Welfare Symposium will include one of our colleagues as a presenter: Dr Mactar Seck, Program Manager from Brooke West Africa in Senegal. Make plans to attend and meet him!
A Brooke Pakistan veterinarian examines a donkey at the mouth of a coal mine.
Brooke USA Donors have been Helping Coal Mine Donkeys
Thanks to our donors, our wonderful colleagues at Brooke Pakistan are on the front lines helping the animals who work in Pakistan's coal mines.

They provide veterinary care for the animals, and work with the mine owners to improve conditions for the animals who perform this back-breaking work deep inside the mines alongside the miners.

They also teach the miners how to handle the animals properly and to make sure these little guys are getting water and rest during their work days, and enough food and shelter at night.
Brooke is celebrating having been granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
The status gives Brooke new opportunities to be involved in UN processes and working with agencies and bodies. It means that Brooke has more ways to share their expertise on working livestock and smallholder farming, and potentially influence how policies are implemented.

Brooke’s advocacy and policy work seeks to bridge the gaps between human development and working animal welfare by highlighting the links between them and the mutual benefits of improving both.
Thanks for being such a great friend to equines through Brooke USA!
Brooke FAQs
What are the main welfare issues/problems working equine animals face?
Animals and their owners often work in extreme conditions in some of the harshest environments on earth. While many working equines suffer from lameness, wounds, exhaustion, dehydration, heat stress - the factors affecting these issues vary widely according to a country context. 

Extreme heat, difficult terrain and long hours can cause many health problems. For example, 90% of the animals we work with have hoof problems, and many suffer from wounds, exhaustion, dehydration and heat stress.

There is immense pressure on owners to make a living. Many animals are overloaded with more than one person or heavy passengers and made to carry heavy loads many times a day. They can also be subjected to beatings as owners make their animals work harder and faster.

Many animals are overworked and have little or no access to shade, water or rest. But many of the problems that cause animal suffering can be prevented through better care.

That's why your donations are so important! They allow Brooke USA to fund equine welfare programs around the world, teaching owners better ways to care for their working partners.
Meet "Brookes"
The results of the campaign to name our new mascot are in, and a write-in candidate, "Brookes," was the winner. Brookes will travel the country with us to raise awareness and funds for Brooke USA, to support equine welfare programs worldwide.
Olympic Gold Medalist Charlotte Dujardin Coming to Ohio
If you're in the Ohio/Indiana/ Kentucky area, don't miss this opportunity to attend one of Charlotte Dujardin's clinics in Wilmington, Ohio, on September 29 . We'll have a booth there, and we'd love to meet you! 

Charlotte is a Brooke Global Ambassador and great friend of Brooke USA. She (and we) will also be in Magnolia, Texas, on November 17 . For tickets and more information, go to

Special thanks to Scott Hayes of SH Productions for making these events happen and for including Brooke USA!
The next time your birthday or anniversary comes around, how about requesting donations to Brooke USA in lieu of gifts? 
Brooke USA Upcoming Events and Appearances

Sept 19:  Cocktail reception at Manhattan Saddlery, New York, NY (fundraiser)
Sept 29:  Charlotte Dujardin Educational Tour in Wilmington, OH (booth and more)
Nov 9-12:  US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan, Lexington, KY (booth)
Nov 11: Veteran's Day (Horse Heroes campaign and the launch of Dorothy Brooke's new biography by Grant Menzies)
Nov 17: Charlotte Dujardin Educational Tour in Magnolia, TX (booth and more)
Nov 29 - Dec 2:  Adequan/USDF Annual Convention in Lexington, KY (booth and silent auction)
Brooke has spent decades helping the equine victims of natural disasters around the world. Now, with your help, Brooke USA is helping equine victims closer to home!
Brooke veterinary teams in India assisted thousands of equine victims
of a major earthquake and flash flooding there.
Please remember our partners and sponsors when shopping:
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Brooke USA 's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.
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